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Interview: Victoria De Mare (Scream Queen)

“Victoria De Mare is one of Hollywood’s reigning “Hottest Horror Scream Queens” (Hustler Magazine, 2017). She has appeared in over 110 Film & TV productions & counting. She is best known for her creation & portrayal of the sexy demon succubus clown, “Batty Boop” from the horror/comedy feature series, ‘Killjoy’. Her character is so popular that it will be available as an action figure resin doll statue courtesy of Full Moon Collectibles worldwide September 2017.

In recent times, De Mare has been involved with Warner Bros’ “Anabelle : Creation” (‘the demon spirit’ for tie-in live-events), “Deadpool”, “In The Company of Strangers”, “Horroween” and Jim Town’s “State of Desolation”.

Her upcoming credits include “Aliens vs. Titanic” (!), “Dracula in a Women’s Prison”, and “The Blessed Ones”.

Victoria is a graduate of New York University with a B.A. in Theatre Arts and Broadcast Journalism. In addition to being a prolific character actor, she is also a published writer, published poet, professional model, live talk show host & producer, as well as a professional dancer & former member of the Hart Pulse Dance Company, Wilmington Ballet Company, & Joffrey Ballet Company with guest artist performances at the St. Croix Ballet Company in the Virgin Islands.
Victoria is also a professional lead, back-up, & harmony vocalist as well as a songwriter, composer, arranger, producer, music publisher(ASCAP), & catalog artist with over 50 songs on the Warner Music Group Film & TV Licensing catalogs. Her 2016 pop/rock album, ‘CanUNotTell’ & latest 2017 singles are available to download or stream on iTunes, AppleMusic, AmazonMP3, Spotify & everywhere online with ringtones available exclusively on the iPhone worldwide.” Victoria took time to speak with me for a Horrornews.net exclusive.

Hi Victoria, so tell us about the projects you are currently working on right now?

Victoria- I am currently working on four feature films back to back, a live show and a TV series.

Tells us about the films that have been released already? “Aliens vs. Titanic”, “Dracula in a Women’s Prison”, and “The Blessed One.”

Victoria- “Dracula in a Women’s Prison” is a Horror-Comedy that’s now out and available on Vimeo OnDemand. “The Blessed Ones” is a cult-thriller horror film that is also out and available on Amazon Prime and also available on video OnDemand. You have to check your local cable service to see where it is available. It’s also available in over 750 family video stores nationwide and in Canada so it’s very awesome to be back in a video store because I was heartbroken when Blockbuster closed. “Aliens vs. Titanic” will be available on DVD worldwide this fall. I don’t have an actual release date yet but it’s really awesome because it’s a film I’m in and it’s the first indie film that’s an Action-Sci-Fi, B-Movie with big effects and some fun good times. One of my punk, pop-rock songs will appear in two scenes. One is a big action scene out of the whole film and then the scene following that. That’s really exciting because it’s the first time an indie film has put my music in it and it will out and available worldwide.

Oh my god, me too. It felt like the end of an era when the video stores closing. It was so sad.

Victoria- I know! I was finally getting into films that were getting in video stores and I was like this is awesome and then they all closed. So Family Video is a nationwide chain in the US and in Canada and its actually still going strong. It is the most popular video chain now because Blockbuster and Hollywood Video have long gone out of business.

I have to ask about “Batty Boop” action figure and the creation process you went through. How did you get involved with “Killjoy” and helping to create the legendary “Batty Boop?

Victoria- The “Batty Boop” doll and the experience with the character because she has become a doll-action figure that will be available mid-month. I am eternally grateful to Full Moon and John Lechago. John Lechago is a writer-director filmmaker and a longtime friend and colleague of mine that I’ve known for a little over a decade. Charlie Band had approached John about writing and directing the third “Killjoy” film. “Killjoy” one and two came out around 2000 and 2002. The end of 2008, the beginning of 2009 Charlie wanted to put out another “Killjoy” film and it was beginning to be a really popular Full Moon feature series as you mentioned. So John accepted the gig and was totally stoked and excited about it.

He wrote “Batty Boop” in as part of “Killjoy’s” returning posse when he’s coming back for revenge this time and he summons for vengeance this time he brings back a posse. John wanted to write in that Killjoy decides that he needs a girlfriend. He needs a bad ass bitch at his side. So he created Batty Boop and the character with me in mind which is really wonderful when any writer writes anything with you in mind. It is such a humbling honor. So when he called and contacted me about it, I was totally like, let’s do this! He had a very specific idea of what he wanted for her and he wanted her to look and sound and move. So he told me about all his ideas and basically just gave me creative license and wanted her to sound a certain way, decided on an accent or create an accent or a dialect or something she sounds or if she does something a certain way.

He wanted her physically to be painted with a boa, tail and boots as a real succubus would be with teeth painted up and down her front because she is actually a demon-succubus clown from hell. So that was really exciting and he needed an actor that would have the balls to do it, to man down and go fully nude and be painted because he didn’t want it to be a suit. John’s also a fine artist and a really phenomenal painter and he had drawn a sketch of what he wanted Batty Boop to look like and based on that I was like yeah, I am totally down. I am just going to work out real hard I guess and prior to shooting let me know so I can prepare. He loved the idea that I am a former ballet dancer and he wanted to use my ability as a dancer.

He wanted her to move a certain way and not just walk and stand and sit as human being but as something special. It was a dream come true and he gave me this incredible dialogue to work with and I just kind of created her from the feet up from there. Tom Devlin from the show “Face Off,” the FX show was the key make-up artist for “Killjoy 3.” So we worked together in the studio doing some make-up test and her body and her look changed. She evolved a little bit. The hair got longer, the wig got longer and the paint evolved and changed a little bit. In the final film “Killjoy’s Psycho Circus” which is out now, you can find it everywhere. In the last film he wanted Batty and Killjoy to become human and they are on earth and losing their immortal souls and they are becoming mortal. We didn’t have to worry about the touch-ups so much with the pain on-set with the heat and the time. We just kind of let it go.

Okay, so tell us about the Batty Boop Action figure?

Victoria- Full Moon Collectibles is releasing a Batty Boop statue and she is also an action figure because her tail and the doll moves mid-September, mid-month. You can keep an eye out on social media and it will be announced when you can order her. I don’t have an exact release date because she is literally on the ship coming from China.

Wow, that is so cool! How does it feel for you to be made into an action figure doll?

Victoria- Oh my God, it’s a dream come true! Ive already gotten my doll because a pre-shipment was flown in for the CEO and Full Moon Collectibles, for me and for Charles Band and everything so I went and had a meeting and went into the office and got my doll and stood there and the whole room was like spinning because they have so many other collectibles and everything. All the toys and stuff are all around. I was a fan prior to being in the film and I got goosebumps and kind of flush and it was a surreal moment. Charlie was talking to me and telling me details and all this important information and I heard him talking but I was welled up in tears and there was snot running down my face because I was trying to hold it in. This is a surreal moment and way beyond a dream come true. I am having a flashbacks of seeing when you would rent Full Moon movies from Blockbuster, in the beginning of the films a lot of times they would play commercials and they would have all their toys from the different films. I remember as a kid watching those and now I am one of those and also playing with the original Star Wars toys and action figures. In my room as a little girl and here I am like holding my own doll. I thought I was going to pass out and die or something because it’s been really hot in LA lately and I thought I am going to pass out and die or something and I just got my own fucking action figure. It was surreal. I sat in my car afterwards with the doll. My name is on the box so I’ve been immortalized as the iconic person who had the opportunity to play the character and create the character. It is very humbling.

Tell us a little bit about your music and what you are doing so far? I have been listening to your music on Soundcloud and I love it. What can you tell us?

Victoria- Oh thank you. That’s so cool. I released an album in December, my second solo album, “Can You Not Tell” which is a pop-rock album. You have to select a genre when uploading your material independently or even if a label does it to iTunes. So you can only chose two categories and usually it’s the first category that shows up in the search when people are searching for music. So I put pop-rock because unfortunately, I say unfortunately because a lot of people do not like pop music but popular music is popular music so I put pop on it because I want people to find it. But it really is a diverse rock n roll album. It is a mix of all different genres of music. You can download it or stream it anywhere online. My new hard rock single “Raw” from my next solo album which will be my third solo album titled, “My Bitch” which I am hoping to release in December of this year but I am working on all these different projects so we are looking to a January 2018 release of that. That will be a straight up rock n roll album with all different phases of rock. There is always a hidden track in there of something way off.

Are you able to tell us anything about the TV shows you are working on?

Victoria- I cannot really say right now because there are some negotiations and things going on. But cable TV.

Did you always know you wanted to an actress or be in entertainment?

Victoria- When I was a kid I used to play act in my room and make up characters and act out little scenarios of myself in the mirror in my bedroom or bathroom. I’ve always had an immediate interest for that. When I was 13 the first film that I worked on was a short thriller called “Sweet Decision” that I wrote and starred in. My uncle directed it. It was fun and awesome. I have just always wanted to be in movies so here I am.

Did you have anyone that professionally inspired you?

Victoria- Yes, I got really professionally inspired when I was in college by Gary Oldman who still is my favorite actor of all-time. Also a lot of Daniel Day Lewis’ work. I wanted to drop out of school and college and come out to LA then and pursue my art and craft and make movies but I didn’t. I stayed and I finished. I got really passionate about filmmaking and performances that really struck me by those two actors especially.

I love Gary Oldman. He is amazing in everything. I love “Leon: The Professional” and “Dracula” with Gary Oldman.

Victoria- Oh yes, Dracula is like my favorite movie of all-time.

What do you want to say to the fans who are watching your films, listening to your music and more?

Victoria- I would like to say thank you and I love you. It is so wonderful and thank you for watching and listening. I am all over social media. I get fan mail and it is very humbling. Most of the letters bring me to tears. I put the fan mail up on a wall in my house.

Thank you so much Victoria.

Victoria- Thank you so much Janel.





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