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Salma Hayek: Hottest Sexiest Photo Collection

Welcome to another, Hottest Sexiest Photo Collection! In this entry we feature the stunning actress Salma Hayek.

Salma needs no introduction, though has long time been a Hollywood favorite. This Mexican and American film actress began as a model before working her way into movies and film.

While it was her break thru role as Frida that got her noticed, it was a dazzling performance as “Santanico Pandemonium” in “From Dusk Till Dawn” that put her permanently on the map as one of horror’s hottest performances. (We even managed to feature in our hottest sexiest vampires tally.) Salma rose to fame very quickly delivering a solid batch of acting gigs over the years. Celebrity sexy photos from all sorts of beautiful ladies can be found here

Genre fans will remember her more cult-rooted performances in “Dogma”, “Wild Wild West” and “Desperado”, though Salma really has been in just about every style of movie out there.

This batch will not go unnoticed (feel free to thank us later). For now, enjoy this single entry that doesn’t have you clicking thru PPC ads. Give it up for Salma Hayek’s hottest sexiest photo collection!

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  1. SteelScissorsInYourSkull

    She’s definitely hot and smart to have recently gotten implants, the only real fountain of youth existent for a woman.