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Film Review: The Curse of Doctor Wolffenstein (2015)

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80 years ago, the diabolical Dr. Victor Wolffenstein wanted nothing more than to be immortal. His tireless quest led him to create a vaccine that did just that, but also infected his body with a flesh-rotting form of necrosis. As the Doctor’s limbs literally fell apart, he tried to replace them by using the crudely removed arms and legs of the local villagers who, in order to stop Wolffenstein’s reign of terror, captured him and buried him alive for his crimes.

In present day, five teenagers plan to attend an out of town rave that goes awry, and end up stranded in the village, when the evil and still decaying Dr.Wolffenstein wakes up, screaming for vengeance! The unlucky teens land squarely within sight of the malevolent medic, and, with the help of his latest creation, the Infiltrator, Dr. Wolffenstein lures them to his secret hideaway with the intention of curing his necrosis and ending his Curse once and for all. Will anyone survive Wolffenstein’s skin melting, limb-hacking Wrath?


Upon receiving the latest release from the team at Infernal Films and the creative mind of Marc Rohnstock, I knew I was in for one helluva ride.  Director Marc Rohnstock is responsible for previous extreme horror releases such as: “Graveyard of the Living Dead“, “Necronos – Temple of Doom“, and “Dungeon of Evil”, each of which offered more than enough nastiness to satisfy any hungry gore hound. The extremism of The Curse of Doctor Wolffenstein is no exception providing plenty of opportunities to showcase the film makers talent for practical effects work. If you like your movie watching experience demented and hardcore then look no further than this vicious piece.


The Curse of Doctor Wolffenstein begins in year 1930 with the story of genius/doctor Victor Wolffenstein (Mika Metz), a diabolical practitioner of reinvigorating human parts and resurrecting the dead in the pursuit of cracking the  puzzle of immortality. His experiments prove to be successful to a certain extent despite enraging the wrath of the locals who believe Victor to be consorting with the devil. Victor is apprehended, tortured, and buried alive as a result his obvious demonic possession appearing right at the moment of capture. The townsfolk believe that by burying the devil they are also burying evil.

Jump to present day where a group of young thrill seekers (3 girls and 2 guys) head out on an week long excursion in pursuit of attending a yearly Rave event.. As the story builds, the characters manage to drum up a mix of romance, comedy, and intermingling that keeps the film entertaining between cuts of extreme torture and violence. When they get stranded in a small village along the way, things begin to heat up.

the-curse-of-doctor-wolffenstein-2015-movie-marc-rohnstock-3 the-curse-of-doctor-wolffenstein-2015-movie-marc-rohnstock-4

I found this to be a great choice in the story telling of the film which has 2 stories running parallel to each other. The first being the group and their journey and the 2nd being a mystery madman who is busy savagely tearing thru new victims for parts and pet food.

There’s an odd snakey-beast that roots its ugly head a few times that adds some dark but comedic surprises to the horrific portions of this film. There is alot in this film that doesn’t makemuch sense at times, but none the less is inventively interjected into the darker portions making for a crazy but quirky fun-ride.

the-curse-of-doctor-wolffenstein-2015-movie-marc-rohnstock-1 the-curse-of-doctor-wolffenstein-2015-movie-marc-rohnstock-5

Meanwhile, a blood-stained psychopath uses every other scene to brutally (and I mean brutally!) dismember, stab, violate, and kill every victim he gets his grips on. Most of whom are usually tied and restrained in the basement of his torture lair. The effects work and edits cut seemlessly between kills making for a pretty effective dose of murder and mayhem laying a smattering of carnal wickedness like none you’ve ever seen.

The movie includes plenty of naked captives bound and violated in a number of different and horrifying ways all for what seems to be the killer’s general amusement. While this level of hardcore violence will offend most watching, you have to look beyond the fiction of it all to embrace the idea that the FX work and editing is pretty effective at making us squirm.

the-curse-of-doctor-wolffenstein-2015-movie-marc-rohnstock-6 the-curse-of-doctor-wolffenstein-2015-movie-marc-rohnstock-7
The Curse of Doctor Wolffenstein is a gut-wrenching solid entry into the extreme cinema arena deliveirng all sorts of nasty bits and hard-to-watch circumstances. If this all matchs what you signed up for, then add this to your list and dig in! In fact, you may just want to grab all the previous Infernal Films releases while you’re at it.


It’s macabre, sickening, and extremely inventive rolled up into one badass ball of visually demented whoop-ass!

Bonus features include:


The Curse of Doctor Wolffenstein is now available on bluray per the new hardcore horror distributor Reel gore Releasing

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