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Unexplained Confidential: Denver International Airport Conspiracy – DIA

Denver International Airport (DIA) has been the subject of a few controversy stories, especially in recent years. Though the visit from Jesse Ventura and his Conspiracy Theory TV series was probably the most recent to mind. A visit to the airport is not much different than any other airport in the world with the exception that it hosts a few questionable objects of decor that really are unlike any other in the world. In my recent visit, I had to see a few for myself…seeing that I actually have been there several times picking up visiting relatives and never really took the time to explore these things mentioned on the internet. The objects that are featured in the pictures include some rather bizarre murals that are featured on 2 walls within the central main terminal. Each as you can see in the photos takes up a large space, and is divided in the center. The Indian art murals upon closer look reveal a more disturbing story that some say fore-shadows a end of the world scenario. In the very least – these are bizarre images of death, destruction and peculiar placed gargoyles.

For curiosity seekers, all these items exist in the main terminal lobby. The murals are hard to miss, the “capstone” is at the end of the lobby and the gargoyles – 1 on each side of the baggage pickup (east and west) – but still all located within the center pickup area, only a few feet from each other.

First thought…. what weird pieces of art to display to visiting travelers. While they might seem uplifting in first passing, the details are actually centered around death, destruction and future apocalypse prophecies. Add to that a rather large gargoyle that greets you on each side of the terminal terminal in the baggage areas of  the east and west wing  just off the main floors. A gargoyle sits in a suitcases that watches from above as its metal tail sneeks out from the base. The terminal itself has been referred to as “mother of all underground bases” that suggest the terminal is a cover-up for a secret underground base that really has not been confirmed or its reason for existing.  I also question the fact that its only an hour from the confirmed underground base of NORAD, a well known base in Colorado Springs that hasn’t had visiting tours for quite a few years. Now it’s fine and dandy that military want to have underground bases…but the secrecy is what concerns me….for why? when? and how?

My discoveries are nothing new as the area itself has long been thought to be a host to some sort of underground base. Though it is also thought that the abstract decor might also be some sort of pre-warning, or hint of what this place is host to. As you will read in other article on this subject the airport itself is  a point for several concerns that call the spot one of the most inconvenient setups for travel. As this airport seems to exist out in the middle of nowhere far from the actual city of Denver (about 32 miles), it also is a an enormous amount of land the oddly seems suspicious for just hosting an airport.





The images were taken to show a few of the token design elements that exist within its center.

This “capstone” as its called is an actual top to a time capsule that states it should be opened in 2096. What has been questioned is its weird design and the term “New world” used in its engraving. The makeup seems harmless enough though on close inspection it is simply  a marble base with a metal extension that features a smaller marble piece with Braille writing on it. I don’t read  braille but my assumption is that it repeats what is written below

In summary, this location has been under conspiracy scrutiny for it’s swastika shaped airfield, its new world order suggestions and some weird genocide suggestive art. In addition, reports continue to emerge regarding the mystery of  quietening construction workers and nearby contruction sites that were kept under an aura of secrecy keeping them from  interacting with each other. Whatever the case, I believe its purpose may be just a few years away from revealing itself, you be the judge.


What next…?  Well besides the HN agenda of reporting on the unexplained, if some men  in black come to my door suggesting I take this down…… you’ll all know somethings up!


  1. Interesting article!
    It definitely has some odd art and I do believe there is more than meets the eye here.

  2. Interesting article..Even I believe something is going on around there!
    But I think they should open the time capsule in a year or two.

    • ya, something is off about that place – I’ve heard others complain about headaches, when I was there I forgot about that claim but experienced them myself


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