Film Review: Stephen King’s It (1990)


SYNOPSIS: Childhood friends, Richie Tozier (Harry Anderson), Eddie Kasbrak (Dennis Christopher, Stan Uris (Richard Masur), Beverly Marsh (Annette O’Toole), Mike Hanlon (Tim Reid), Ben Hanscom (John Ritter), and Bill Denbrough (Richard Thomas) were known as the Losers Club when they lived in Derry 28 years before. A promise they made to each other then is called upon to reunite them to fight an old enemy known as Pennywise (Tim Curry), who they thought they had … Continue reading


Dust Jacket Artwork For 11/22/63


It appears that the next release from Stephen King is going to venture into the category of “EVENT RELEASE”. It’s not to often that you see cover art for a book leaked but that is exactly what we’ve got going on here. Behold the dusk jacket art for 11/22/63 which doesn’t hit stores till Nov. 8th. A time travel tale this one asks that immortal question, What if? Here’s the official synopsis: Jake Epping is … Continue reading

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Film Review: Graveyard Shift (1990)


SYNOPSIS: This Stephen King story will give you the willies! The manager of a textile mill attempts to tidy up after a fatal accident in his plant brings a safety crackdown. Some new graveyard shift workers are to rid the plant’s underground floors of rats. But what lurks beneath the floors isn’t just any rat’s nest — there’s one giant, man-eating rodent waiting for his midnight snack. … REVIEW: My next review in my ongoing … Continue reading

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Stephen King + The Walking Dead = Awesome


Stories for the second season of THE WALKING DEAD are busy being penned and tonight comes the news that none other than Stephen King may be writing himself an episode. Now that’s what I call good news. No big secret that I’m a huge King fan and I’m thinking an SK penned hour is just what the series needs. Mind you, none of this is officially official. Word came out at a recent panel discussion … Continue reading

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Two Major Book Announcements From STEPHEN KING


All right KING fans, time to get stoked. Been a busy week for horror maven Stephen King. Early in the week it was announced that come this November we will all be treated to another 1000 page master work. This one is called 11/22/63 and for those of you out there over 40 years old (or who paid attention in history class) this date should immediately mean something. It was the date that President Kennedy … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror – Edited by Stephen Jones

The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 21

This tome features horror luminaries such as Stephen King (and son), Ramsey Campbell and Brian Lumley. A fairly safe bet then, for some classic tales to darken the corners of the room. The introduction is worth a mention, as it appears to catalogue every single horror story penned in 2009. How anyone goes about compiling such encyclopaedic reference material is a mystery worthy of Dupin. But it’s an excellent way to discover new authors, so … Continue reading

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Stephen Kings Thoughts on The Stand Remake

As you may have heard Warner Brothers is looking to remake The Stand into a major motion picture.  Many have loved the mini series and doubt the ability to tell this story in a short two hours.  However EWs Inside Movies caught up with Stephen King and got his thoughts on this proposed remake.  As always he is funny and insightful so read below and see what you think. “1. No one will be able … Continue reading

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KING Lists His Top Ten Thoughts On A Theatrical THE STAND


It was only a few days ago that I told you about Warner Bros. and CBS’s plan to bring THE STAND to the big screen.  The mini-series holds a special place for this horror fan (and many others I would presume) but I would be lying to you if I didn’t admit that I would love to see a big budget, no holds barred version. Stephen King has heard about this big screen version and … Continue reading


Warner Bros. and CBS teaming up to bring us THE STAND


Sure, we all have a soft spot for the mini-series that ABC did of THE STAND.  How can you not?  But this news that broke today is some of the best news this Stephen King fan has heard in a while. Warner Bros. and CBS films have teamed up and are bringing the epic end of the world tale to the big screen. AWESOME!! Now there is no cast or director info just yet, just … Continue reading

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Hail to the King – A Stephen King Tribute Art Show featuring World Wide Artists

This one-of-a-kind, Stephen King Tribute Art Show will feature artists from around the world. There will be original artwork, graphic design, artists proofs, limited edition prints and soft sculpture toys paying tribute to the King of Horror! Finder’s Creepers and D. Ryan Allen Present: Hail to the KIng, a Stephen King Tribute Art Show featuring artists from across the country and around the world! This show will have an opening reception on Saturday, January 22nd … Continue reading


Film Review: The Boogeyman (short film) (2010)


SYNOPSIS: “When Andrew Billings (Simon Fogarty) goes to see a psychologist to explain how an evil creature that lives in his closet is responsible for the deaths of his three children he is met with disbelief. But as the story progresses, both Dr. Harper (Michael Parle) and the audience will start to consider the possibility that this “boogeyman” might be real after all.” REVIEW: Boogeyman is a low budget short film that was created based … Continue reading

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Book Review: Eleven Twenty-Three – Author Jason Hornsby


“Lily’s End, which before this morning had not seen a murder in two years, suddenly embodies the tyranny of third world countries. A post-war wasteland. A curfew at sundown. The silent hillside following a suicidal battle where the victors lie in fly-covered heaps not far from the carcasses of the armies they’ve defeated. Less than an hour ago, it was simply a dull beach-town, a Norman Rockwell painting. It was a nice place to live. … Continue reading

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First look at creature make-up effects in Stephen King’s THE BOOGEYMAN

Latest set of still from an ambitious short film based on one of Stephen King’s best loved short stories The Boogeyman. The film is now completed and had its first film festival screening on Aug 6th in Dublin, Ireland where it got a very positive reaction from the audience. Below are images which show the process of the make-up effects (by Julie-Ann Ryan) needed to create the title character.

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Film Review: Carrie (1976)

Carrie poster 1

SYNOPSIS: “The story of Carrie White, a girl brought up, almost in isolation, by her psychotically religious mother Margaret. After an embarrassing incident in the showers causes her fellow pupils to tease Carrie ruthlessly, her teacher Miss Desjardin disciplines them severely. Determined to have revenge, the other students hatch a plot against Carrie, which turns horribly wrong when Carrie’s strange mental powers are unleashed during the school prom.” (courtesy IMDB) REVIEW: No one is better … Continue reading