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Book Review: Doppelganger – Author Sean Munger


Doppelganger By: Sean Munger Samhain Publishing 208 Pages Anine Atherton seems to have acquired what every fair maiden in the late 1800’s has dreamed of. After marrying a successful, handsome gentleman suitor, her groom emigrates with her from her native land Sweden to New York. Settling in a breath taking home newly procured specifically for the newlyweds, all seems like ...

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Book Review: Stillwater – Author Maynard Sims


Stillwater By Maynard Sims Samhain Publishing 177 Pages While coping with a recent divorce and an accident that has confined her to a wheel chair a young romance author Elizabeth Alvarini seeks refuge in a rental cabin known as Stillwater to work on her latest novel. An ominous presence may not be so accommodating. After Elizabeth begins to meet and ...

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Book Review: Cult of the Black Jaguar – Author JG Faherty

The Cult of the Black Jaguar By: JG Faherty Samhain Publishing 47 Pages In midst of an expedition in the Mayan jungle a team of explorers lead by Ethan Foster and Dr. Heathcliff Pascal search for Ah Puch and soon learn in the direct translation, Lost City or City of The Dead holds consequences that are far more than what ...

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Book Review: Castle By The Sea – Author JG Faherty


Castle By The Sea By: JG Faherty (From What Waits in The Shadows) Samhain Publishing 93 Pages Jason and Erika are enjoying a wonderful date at the carnival. Taking in the midway, rides and games they finally give in to a little romance and charter a swan ride into the tunnel of love. Their cozy rendezvous soon turns awry as ...

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Book Review: The Pendle Curse – Author Catherine Cavendish

pendle-curse-Catherine Cavendish

The Pendle Curse By: Catherine Cavendish Samhain Publishing 202 Pages While Laura Phillips is grieving over her late husband Rich her world is coming completely undone. She questions if the things she hears and sees are truly there, an episode of the supernatural or her exhausted imagination. At the encouragement of her dearest friend she takes a trip as form ...

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Book Review: The Nightmare Girl – Author Jonathan Janz (R2)


The Nightmare Girl By: Jonathan Janz Samhain Publishing 247 Pages After a Good Samaritan intervenes in a public episode of child abuse he soon realizes he’s bitten off more than he can chew. The perpetrators have a relentless intent on seeking revenge in the most unholiest of fashions. The Nightmare Girl marks the inaugural reading endeavor I’ve undertaken for author ...

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Book Review: The Nightmare Girl – Author Jonathan Janz

The Nightmare Girl – by Jonathan Janz Samhain Publishing, 2015 301 pages You ever feel like no matter what good you do for someone, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t win? Well, let me introduce you to Joe Crawford. Joe was on his way home with his wife and young daughter when he realized he had to ...

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Book Review: Exponential – Author Adam Cesare


I can’t remember the last straight-up monster book that I’ve read. Probably some book about Bigfoot or something when I was younger. It’s not even that I don’t like the creature features, but more that my tastes usually lay in a more reality-centered realm, where there are far more serial killers and devil-worshippers than there are monsters hiding in the ...

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Book Review: Legacy – Author JG Faherty

LEGACY By JG Faherty Samhain Publishing 71 Pages Sean Black is not your ordinary, regular, everyday teen growing up in a small town of New Hope, Massachusetts. As ominous, debilitating nightmares of a Lovecraftian type creature devour his rest each night, he struggles to cope within the day light hours. As an impending storm threatens to descend upon the sleepy ...

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Book Review: Fatal Consequences – Author JG Faherty


FATAL CONSEQUENCES By JG Faherty Samhain Publishing 78 Pages After narrowly escaping a vicious bear attack Alec Winter flees the scene only to return and find his children brutally slain while his wife is holding on by a thread. While everyone perceives him to be a hero, he must grapple with the reality of their tragic deaths. Will his remorse ...

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Book Review: The Summer Job – Author Adam Cesare

the summer job

Adam Cesare is the horror author that fans of horror movies should love. He’s already got a Deodato-style cannibal novel (Tribesmen), an homage to 1980’s horror (Video Night), and even a Creepshow-esque collaboration with Matt Serafini (author of the werewolf novel Feral) called All-Night Terror. He has also written for Fangoria, a little horror magazine that may be familiar to ...

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John Everson’s NightWhere Released


NightWhere: leave your inhibitions (and your soul) at the door John Everson’s sixth novel (and first for the new Samhain Publishing imprint) has just been released in e-book form, and for those familiar with Everson’s past erotic horror work (released on the now-defunct Leisure Books imprint), get ready – this one trumps them all. One reader recently tweeted, “NightWhere: what ...

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Book Review: Dead Of Winter – Author Brian Moreland


Dead Of Winter by Brian Moreland (Samhain Publishing) A predator stalks the frozen woods. At a fort deep in the Ontario wilderness in 1870, a ghastly predator is attacking colonists and spreading a gruesome plague—his victims turn into ravenous cannibals with an unending hunger for human flesh. Inspector Tom Hatcher has faced a madman before, when he tracked down Montreal’s ...

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