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Book Review: The Cure – Author JG Faherty

The-Cure---Author-JG-FahertyThe Cure
By: JG Faherty
Samhain Publishing
254 Pages

She was born with the power to cure. Now she’s developed the power to kill.

A young woman named Leah DeGarmo struggles to cope with a mixture of gift and curse in the power to heal. Adapting the role of veterinarian she vows to use her powers for good in making the otherwise dire and terminal well again. Her unworldly powers come at a hefty price however, as she must transfer the energy unto another being or suffer the ghastly consequences herself. When a ruthless mobster hears of her tremendous abilities he will stop at nothing to procure her services for his own evil agenda. Will Leah be able to escape the clutches and certainly the sinister intention of her captors? Will she be able to control the inhuman energy within or will it control her?

Anyone familiar with my reviews will no question be fully aware of how much of a huge fan and supporter I am of this author JG Faherty. Within the past couple of years his works have ranked high among my favourite novels of all time. His current and forth coming ventures never cease to amaze and each seems to reinvent the story telling process in a refreshing, innovative and compelling fashion. Forever flourishing and growing, Faherty’s prose, style and technique comes off as more polished, refined and gripping with each release.

Although The Cure is told from the third person perspective, the author manages to highlight insights, reflections and emotions as depicted through such techniques as body language and inner monologue. We get inside of the main protagonist Leah DeGarmo, find what makes her tick and up the ante in finding out what fate lies ahead of her.

The sexual tension the lies between Leah and would be suitor John is endearing and a powerful subtext. We strive vicariously through each characters’ desires. The elusive intimacy that lurks behind each of their exteriors is compelling unto the reading audience, causing us to fixate upon what could happen next.

The overall premise of the power to heal an ailing body and discharge the harmful, negative energy unto another is a highly fascinating theme and redefines the supernatural/paranormal genre. In a sea of over saturated story lines and ideas, Faherty manages to pique the interest of all readers new and perhaps even the most jaded of horror aficionados.

It’s evident the author has taken liberties to provide a somewhat believable premise in a theme that stretches the parameters of plausibility. Without engaging in too many plot spoilers, one particular sequence comes to mind in which Leah’s disorientation and miscalculation of her proximities believing she’s in Nirvana is surreal and all encompassing.

The use of abduction is a powerful tool and turns the action into a full blown high octane thriller. As the vulnerability is intensified that terror becomes very real and one cannot deny the sense of intrigue in how Leah and her powers will get her out of each precarious circumstance.

From the antagonists or villains’ point of view, power, greed and money are a predominant motivator. The conflict is accentuated almost instantly as Leah begins to grapple with some very humanistic struggles against remaining isolated and alienated or thwart the diabolical intentions of her captors.

Faherty’s ability to conceal the most pivotal of heightened climaxes is unprecedented in contemporary genre writing. He keeps us guessing until the very end. Seemingly when we think we have everything figured out, he changes the questions at the last moment, making him a certifiable well-seasoned author for the ages.

By Dave Gammon

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