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Book Review: Symposium of the Reaper | Author Andrew Adams

Symposium of the Reaper By Andrew Adams 151 Pages A collection of thirteen dark, macabre tales to tantalize terror and spine-tingling tension for readers from all levels of society. Symposium of the Reapers marks the inaugural stroll through the valley of darkness taken with author Andrew Adams. The vivid imagery and astounding descriptions found within this collection places the reader …

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Book Review: Generation Ex-D | Edited by: Rebecca Rowland

Generation Ex-D Edited by: Rebecca Rowland Dark Ink Books 348 Pages An anthology of tales revolving around the central theme of Generation X horror origins. Prose and foes from twenty-two separate authors contribute to this cornucopia of paranormal, slashers and psychological thrillers. Oh, my! I’ve become a colossal fan of collections of themed horror in recent times. Quite often it …

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Book Review: Jewish Book of Horror | Edited by Josh Schlossberg

Jewish Book of Horror Edited by Josh Schlossberg Denver Horror Collective 358 Pages “Dedicated to the persecuted throughout history and the world.” An anthology consisting of twenty-five contributions, each perpetually bound with the common theme of cultural phenomena, folklore, legend and macabre oppression. I’ll be the very first to go on record I’m more than a little embarrassed at just …

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Book Review: Night of the Undead Whores – Author Eric Kapitan

Night of the Undead Whores By Eric Kapitan 65 Pages The ballad of Aaron and the symphony of destruction orchestrated from the most hideous of composition. His unrelenting lust for carnal mayhem and blood knows no bounds. When his darkened mentor Bob begins to eclipse his own reality, Aaron soon realizes his evil deeds come with unfathomed consequences. Night of …

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Book Review: Helminth – Author S. Alessandro Martinez

Helminth By S. Alessandro Martinez Omnium Gatherum Media 273 Pages When young grieving widow Abby struggles to cope with the loss of her husband she succumbs to the inevitable feeling of perpetual sorrow. Attempting any and all provisions to endure the journey of bereavement, she also has to grapple with the haunting flashbacks of witnessing the love of her life …

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