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New Site Launches and New York Comic Con: Evil Dead and Carrie


From the NY Comic-ConΒ weΒ revieved word on a newΒ Tumblr page and Twitter page for CARRIE, and the official Facebook and Twitter pages for EVIL DEAD Carrie Tumblr: www.YouWillKnowHerName.com Twitter: www.twitter.com/CarrieMovie #WhatHappenedToCarrie Evil Dead Twitter: www.twitter.com/EvilDeadFacebook: www.facebook.com/EvilDead #EvilDead

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Video Nasties


‘Video Nasty‘ was a term coined in Britain around 1982 which applied to certain films distributed on video cassette that were criticised by the media and various religious organisations for their violent content. While cinema violence had been regulated by the British Board of Film Censorship for many years, the lack of regulations for video sales (combined with the claim ...

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Film Review: Mold! (2009)


SYNOPSIS: Set in 1984 in an experimental lab deep in the southwest desert of the United States, a group of scientists play host to a visiting Congressman and a Colonel. They are to display the latest developments on a government sponsored experiment. The scientists have created a biological weapon that can destroy plant life in an astonishing rate, a mold ...

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