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The Doctor Who Project: WIZARD WORLD PHILLY 2014


Wizard World Philly for 2014 has come and gone and the Wizard World crew led by Jerry Milani and Jim DeLorenzo put on another outstanding weekend for the fans in the City of Brotherly Love. June 19th thru the 22nd was everything fans of DC Comics, the Marvel Universe, and everything geek and nerd inbetween could ask for. But for me, the weekend was all about meeting Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, better known to … Continue reading

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The Doctor Who Project: An Adventure in Time and Space

During the 50th anniversary celebration of Doctor Who the BBC along with BBC America celebrated the franchise by each month delivering a classic episode featuring each of the 11 Doctors. The First Doctor was featured in the episode The Aztecs which was an absolute treat for me because my memories of the First Doctor were limited to limited archived footage and having only seen a full episode one other time, his debut in the very … Continue reading

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The Doctor Who Project: The Silence


Throughout the 50 year history of Doctor Who many monsters & villains have scared viewers and fought The Doctor across time and space. The most famous & longest tenured advisories of the Doctor are of course the Daleks. Other famous villains from the mythology of the franchise include the Cybermen, Autons, Silurians, Sontarans, and the Master, a renegade Time Lord hell bent on ruling the universe. In 2007 the franchise was introduced to maybe the … Continue reading

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The Doctor Who Project: Rest in Peace 11th Doctor


My initial idea for this column was to list the top 11 episodes of the 11th Doctor. But I had such a hard time nailing down the list to just 11 episodes, that I decided to instead make a list of the 11 moments from Matt Smith’s tenure as the Doctor. Matt brought such a unique and quirky element to the role that nearly 8 months following his announcement he would be leaving the role, … Continue reading

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The Doctor Who Project: The Time of the Doctor


Christmas for most means presents, good tidings, and a visit from the Fat Man down your chimney. But for a Whovian like me the Yule celebration since the re-birth of the Doctor Who franchise has meant a new episode of Doctor Who! And with special importance this year as The Time of the Doctor is the swan song of Matt Smith from the role of the Eleventh Doctor. Before I get into the review of … Continue reading

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The Doctor Who Project: The Fires of Pompeii


Last time on the Doctor Who Project I mentioned how Peter Capaldi is a great choice to be the next incarnation of the mad man who stole a blue box. So this time around I thought I would review the episode in which Peter Capaldi starred in another role, only the second time an actor who appeared on the show in another role would later be cast as the Doctor.

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The Doctor Who Project: The Day of the Doctor

THE DAY OF THE DOCTOR with MOONDOG MACKEY Ever since the 50th anniversary trailer was first shown at the San Diego Comic Con this past year, rampant speculation arose on what to expect from this episode and further more, could this episode with a half of century of history behind it actually live up to expectations, hype and marketing this episode would generate? Executive producer for the show and writer for The Day of the … Continue reading

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Moondog Mackey lives in the swamps of South Jersey. I am a nerd for the show Doctor Who and have been since the 4th Doctor in the early 80s. I am also a geek for British comedy, all kinds of movies, with the horror and science fiction genres in particular. I am also a fan of 80s cartoons, retro toys from the 70s, and a major fan of traveling all over the globe. I believe that Han Solo shot first and there was a second shooter on the Grassy Knoll.