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Book Review: Dark Corners – Author Michael Bray


Although the horror anthology is not a new thing, the concept horror anthology (at least partially) is, at least for me. Michael Bray has come up with a fairly interesting collection of twelve assorted tales that, although none of the stories require you to read the others to understand them as none of them are connected directly nor linearly, the characters come and go seemingly randomly in and out of the other characters stories. This … Continue reading

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Book Review: Stripped – Author G. Elmer Munson


What a ride! I put off reading Stripped entirely due to its cover, I had other books to read and it seemed like it would be my least favorite judging by the cover (yes, once again I learn you shouldn’t do that) but once I started it had me hooked right from the start and I couldn’t put it down until I finished it. Two days to finish a full length novel is unheard of … Continue reading

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Book Review: Helloween – Author Samantha Combs


If you were to ask me what horror is I’d probably say something about nude teens being chased by a boogeyman armed with some form of weapon who is out to give his fans (since who really cheers for the teens anyway) a show with a high death count, exaggerated gore, goose bump raising suspense, and tons of jump scares. It’s all in great fun. The killers are over the top, the teens are idiots, … Continue reading

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Book Review: I-35 – Author Brett Selmont


I-35 Author Brett Selmont Do you like sex, drugs, and violence? I thought so. In that case you need to check out Brett Selmont’s novel I-35. It is the first of a trilogy entitled The Road Series, book two being Route 66 (already released) and the soon to be released third book entitled I-95 (Christmas 2012). I-35 is about a twenty-something year old man named David. Readily apparent is that he is addicted to pain … Continue reading

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Book Review: Way Past Midnight – Author Samantha Combs


WAY PAST MIDNIGHT Author Samantha Combs When presented with the opportunity to review Samantha Combs’ latest horror story anthology, I admit I jumped at the chance. I thoroughly enjoyed her last anthology, “Teeth and Talons”, which I reviewed here at and so couldn’t wait to see what was new in her world. As I expected, she did not disappoint. “Way Past Midnight” is a collection of five short horror stories, up from four in … Continue reading

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Book Review: Soundtrack to the End of the World – Author Anthony J. Rapino


SOUNDTRACK TO THE END OF THE WORLD Author: Anthony J. Rapino Judging simply by the title of the book, I had no real clue what I was getting myself into. I knew it was a zombie story but that was all. I have very few zombie books under my belt but a ton of zombie movies so I was expecting what everyone would probably expect; slow moving (or maybe fast), brain eating zombies out to … Continue reading

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Book Review: Shadows in the Mist – Author Brian Moreland


SHADOWS IN THE MIST Author Brian Moreland Brian Moreland’s debut novel, ‘Shadows In The Mist’, fell into my lap at just the right time. I had just gotten off of three other historical non-fiction works and so was inclined to both, get back into reading horror, my favorite genre, but stay in the historical realm which I had been dabbling in as of late. It is apparent the attention that was given to the details … Continue reading

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Book Review: Teeth And Talons Anthology – Author Samantha Combs


TEETH AND TALONS ANTHOLOGY Author Samantha Combs There have been less than a handful of stories that, upon finishing reading them, I look up from the page and think to myself “The author had better continue this!” The Ink Man is such a story. The Ink Man is the first of four short stories in Samantha Combs’ new book entitled “Teeth And Talons Anthology” and it is by far the best of the four (and, … Continue reading


Book Review: Don’t Let Them In: Six Tales Of – Author Elizabeth Fields


DON’T LET THEM IN: SIX TALES OF TERROR Author: Elizabeth Fields It took me about two hours to finish reading Don’t Let Me In: Six Tales Of Terror and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised with the individual stories in this collection. If cannibalism, campground horror stories come to life, selling your soul to the devil, and genetically engineered soldiers is your cup of tea, have I got a story (or six) for … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Daily Death – How I Killed My Co-Workers in 30 Days – Author Thomas Scopel


THE DAILY DEATH – HOW I KILLED MY CO-WORKERS IN 30 DAYS Author Thomas Scopel I must admit, I was intrigued by this book simply by the name. I mean, everyone has probably wanted to kill a co-worker or two in their lifetime. But still, lamenting over well placed break room knifes and scalding coffee only gets you so far so let’s read some good stories, shall we? While reading down the books Table of … Continue reading

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Book Review: Scratch – Author Corey A. Burkes


SCRATCH Author Corey A. Burkes In looking back over my reading of ‘Scratch’, I couldn’t have picked a more perfect evening for it. It was late, dark, and there was a thunderstorm outside, just like the pivotal scene in the story itself. Fortunately for me, however, there was no demon in my house! ‘Scratch’ tells the story of Keilee-Ann, the 4 year old daughter of Erica and Marvin. The family is having financial issues and … Continue reading

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