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Book Review: Teeth And Talons Anthology – Author Samantha Combs

Author Samantha Combs

There have been less than a handful of stories that, upon finishing reading them, I look up from the page and think to myself “The author had better continue this!” The Ink Man is such a story.

The Ink Man is the first of four short stories in Samantha Combs’ new book entitled “Teeth And Talons Anthology” and it is by far the best of the four (and, thankfully, the longest). The other stories include the all too short tale of The Robbery Countdown, the obligatory vampire tale Rock And Roll All Night, and the paranormal effort of The Chair.

All of the stories are intriguing, to say the least, and most have the horror staple of a twist ending which was fun and added a good dimension to each tale. This anthology is Samantha’s first published foray into horror, but her Young Adult background works well for her making these stories very easy reads. At only 37 pages in length (for the PDF) you can easily finish an individual story in one sitting, if not the entire book.

In The Ink Man, a down on his luck tattoo artist gets a second chance with a new inking set and some new clientele. Ignoring the also obligatory old man’s warning about not buying the inking set, he will soon find out exactly what fate has in store for him.

The Robbery Countdown is barely two pages in length and so leaves a lot to the imagination as far as storyline. However what you are told is enough to make your mind wander and fill in all of the missing gaps well enough to form a complete story. All I know is that I hope I never accidentally wander into that cursed liquor store.

Rock And Roll All Night was a surprising entry. I admit that I did not have the correct ending figured out ahead of time like I thought I would. In this vampire tale, a local bar called The Hive (that should have tipped me off) is in search of a rock band. The vampire band Fang Byte takes the gig for the evening. Drinking and dancing ensues until the fateful closing time hour when you discover the evening is not going to end quite as you thought it was.

In The Chair, George, having recently gotten into an argument with his roommate Tim, is walking down the street to vent his anger when he discovers a chair on the curb apparently thrown out by its former owner. “I can solve all your problems.” he heard in his head. George proceeds to take the chair home. His life will never be the same.

Most horror fiction fans should be fairly pleased by the time they finish the book. The stories are short and simple. There’s no overly descriptive and unsettling death sequences, no odd word use, no particular storyline that’s been re-made over and over. I enjoyed my few hours of reading and am looking forward to Ink Man Cometh or whatever story I hope Samantha follows The Ink Man with.

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eBook Review: Teeth And Talons Anthology – Author Samantha Combs


  1. Thanks John, for the great comments on my stories. Loved reading that you enjoyed yourself in my corner of the sandbox. It’s an honor for me to be reviewed here. I’ve got a buncha new stuff lurking in the dark corners, so I hope to kidnap a few more hours of your time soon. Please do stay tuned!


  3. You’ve peaked my interest, John. Curling up with Teeth and Talons sounds like a perfect way to spend Friday night.:)


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