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Top 10 Hottest Female Horror Film Leads

Another tough one as there really is alot of sexy hot female leads within horror films. Rather than taking the obvious route of “hot ladies within horror”, I thought it better to focus on the sexy leads who are better known for their lead parts. Milla Jovovich as the Resident Evil lead is a great example of this, who pretty much is the face of Resident Evil films. The same could be said for Kate Beckinsale who proved that her role as Selene in “Underworld” is an essential part of the franchise that we couldn’t live without.

(not in ranking order)

01- Alice “Resident Evil Franchise” (Milla Jovovich)
Easily one of the best and well known action horror stars from this list. Alice is such an icon to the Resident Evil franchise now, that I don’t think a release would survive without her. Her tale is quite involved and seems to add a few new factors in every new release. I love her agile tactics and master fighter approach. She comprises all the best of what we want from a film lead, looks, brains, skills, and an un-phased attitude in dealing with nasty critters. The franchise continues to evolve and grow with new sequels on the way. I’m hoping that Milla is around for everyone.

02- Selene “Underworld” franchise (Kate Beckinsale)
Kate Beckinsale is indeed…Selene (sometimes that is all that needs to be said). In retrospect, Kate Beckinsale gave the Underworld franchise its trendy vampiress look that set the stage for its sequels. Besides being one hot sexy vamp, she also kicks major ass in these films, forever placing her in the halls of fame action stars.

03- Cherry Darling “Planet Terror” (Rose McGowan)
Rose McGowan is such a great front runner for this film. This particular film is a prime highlight that has Rose busting ass with one mean machine-gun leg and a sassy attitude to boot. Another great example of a film that wears its main actresses on its sleeve. “Planet Terror” from the GrindHouse set (the one featuring Rose on its cover) is among my favorite female centered posters of all time.

04- Amanda “Saw” (Films) (Shawnee Smith)
While she was not the main antagonist, Jigsaw, or the focal killer of this franchise, she certainly was a main ingredient that defined the best of the SAW films. Her role as Amanda was one that comes to mind first and foremost for this extensive franchise. After all she was the first potential victim for Jigsaw. It was great to see her character evolve leading her into other sequels. She even delved into the Jigswa role herself.

05- Dr. Linda McKay” Hollow Man” (Elisabeth Shue)
Elisabeth Shue plays the role of Dr. Linda McKay in this horror science fiction thriller. The movie “Hollow Man” was pretty much forgettable, though Elisabeth Shue’s appearance in it wasn’t. She may be off the radar with so many new hot stars taking over, but lets give credit where credit is due. A couple of inspiring pics are included to jog your memory.

06- Baby “Devils Rejects” | “House of 1000 Corpses” (Sheri Moon Zombie)
She may have taken a backseat role in “House of 1000 Corpses”, though the fans surely got their fill with Sheri Moon Zombie as Baby in 2005 film “The Devil’s Rejects”. Sheri Moon Zombie will also appear in the upcoming film “The Lords of Salem”

07- Rachel “The Ring | Ring Two” (Naomi Watts)
The movie that scared the crap out of most of us, did it while still keeping one hot lady at the center of attention. Naomi Watts carried her role as “Rachel” into both films with grace, strength and beauty. Such a nice contrast to the ghastly “Samara” doncha think?

08- Julie James “I Know What You Did Last Summer” (Jennifer Love Hewitt)
Jennifer Love Hewitt was smoking up the screen still in this earlier role of hers. She of course has been in much racier roles since but many of us still remember her as Julie James from the 1998 “I Know What You Did Last Summer” franchise. Jennifer would later go on to be a “Ghost Whisperer”

09- Erin “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)” (Jessica Biel)
It may be a remake, but that’s no excuse to cut Biel out of the loop. Playing one of the 5 teenagers on their way to a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert. It’s not long before Erin finds herself face to face with a table full of weirdos, namely the Hewitt family. She manages to get under Leather face’s skin enough that it evolves into a flat out chase to the death, though lucky for us Beil lives to see another films or 2 (or should it be lucky for that shirt she’s wearing?).

10- Ellen Ripley “Alien” franchise (Sigourney Weaver)
Ripley is a focal character that defines the Alien franchise. While the Alien presents the perfect villain to be frightened of, Sigourney Weaver gives us one hot earlier femme fatale performance that set the mark for future gals. I don’t think any horror fan can argue that Sigourney Weaver in the first Alien film was especially hella-sexy toting around in her undergarments and trying to kill of a massive alien in the process.

Top 10 Hottest Female Horror Film Leads

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  1. Victor De Leon

    awesome list. some of my favorite in there. I gotta tell ya though I was pleasantly surprised by Elizabeth Shue. She did really kick ass in Hollow Man. Not to forget insanely hot too. Good choice


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