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Horror Art: Jesse Weathington


My name is Jesse Weathington and my background in horror and science fiction covers a wide range of creative projects with many years in the Hollywood film industry as a DP (Director of Photography) and sometimes as a film director.

Drama Demo Reel: Vimeo.com/user80818776

To name a few, I was very fortunate to do the cinematography and lighting on such science fiction films as “Morella”, “MoonBase” and on the film “The Invisible Mom 2” working with the great Dee Wallace Stone.

My other creative works involve alternative photographic images and artworks (see images below) which are centered around the horror and science fiction genres in the form of abstract imagery. All are greatly inspired by my past cinematic lighting on film productions.

And lastly, I’ve started composing and producing “musical works” based on the artworks of the authors of unique comic books. I’ve found the “Darkchylde” comic to be very inspirational.

Checkout the Demo-Darkchylde and Deep Space Chill tracks at my music alter ego “Alternative Space” page at: SoundCloud.com/user-713864875

Artwork Images:


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