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Horror Art: Richard Wilkinson


I’m an artist and illustrator from Brighton, UK and have been working as a professional illustrator for 12+ years. I’ve been a regular cover-artist for ‘New Scientist’ and have worked for many other science magazines including ‘Nature’ as well as other editorial clients including TIME Magazine, The Guardian, The Telegraph, and publishing clients including Harper Collins, Penguin and Random House.

I’ve recently been focussing more on art projects and Arthropoda Iconicus is taking much of my time now, with a big exhibition at Hero Complex Gallery in LA this summer and a book of Star Wars-inspired insects coming in the next couple of months.
A bit about the project itself:
‘Arthropoda iconicus’ was born out of a love for Natural History illustration and a fascination with the scientific process of collecting, recording, naming and cataloguing species and saw a parallel in modern fandom and a similar drive to ‘collect’ items of popular culture. So I take popular areas of fanaticism, like movies or TV or fashion or gaming, and choose icons of each area to convert into arthropods. I try to be as complete and comprehensive as possible – my Star Wars Original Trilogy-inspired insects being my most complete set to date with over 70 insects.
Examples can be seen at my website:


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