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Book Review: Swan Song – Author Jevron McCrory

SWAN SONG Author: Jevron McCrory Release Date: February 2010 Publisher: Vamplit Publishing Publication Date: 2010 Format: B & W Price: 2.99 I have a confession to make. When I started reading Jevron McCrory’s aptly titled novella Swan Song, I wanted to hate his protagonist. That’s not the confession. Nor is it a slam against McCrory’s writing. McCrory brings the character …

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Book Review: Get Kilt – Author Raymund Hensley

GET KILT The basic premise behind Raymund Hensley’s Get Kilt is not an unfamiliar one: Scientist tries to improve upon natural processes of life, “improvement” backfires and creates zombies, gory chaos ensues. Before your “been there, done that” reflex kicks in, though, let me assure you that you’ve certainly never been anywhere quite like the place where Hensley’s weird wild …

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Book Review: Zombie Bitches from Hell – Author Zoot Campbell

Let’s try an experiment. “So I was reading Zoot Campbell’s Zombie Bitches from Hell the other day.” What kind of reaction do those words evoke in you? Are you offended by the book’s title or by any of the words contained therein? If so, you should, without question, pass on this one, ‘cause it doesn’t exactly increase in political correctness …

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Book Review: The Living Dread – Author T. L. Fletcher

THE LIVING DREAD Author T. L. Fletcher Published by: Self published Publication Date: 2010 Format: Black /White Price: $NA Remember the scary stories you used to tell when you were a kid? Around the campfire, at slumber parties, when you stayed up much too late and gave yourself the shivers? T.L. Fletcher’s The Living Dread is what those stories wanted …

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