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I am an enormous fan of all things horror. My first clear horror movie memory is 1990 remake of Night Of The Living Dead. I was nine and couldn't sleep for (at least) a week! As of now, my favorite movie is Martyrs 2007- hands down. I like films on the extreme side, but not Green Elephant or Maria Dora type of extreme. By trade I am a metal guitarist, so writing reviews is a new venture for me. I'm just a hardcore fan who wants to share opinions with other hardcore fans.

Film Review: Out of Frame (short film) (2017)

Rate This Movie SYNOPSIS: Lost and struggling at the crossroad of his career, a controversial photographer Damien Drake must confront the sins of his past when danger returns in the guise of his former collaborator, John Godewynn. REVIEW: Directed by Joseph State Writing Credits (in alphabetical order) John Risner … (co-writer) John Risner … (story) Eric Roper … (co-writer) Joseph …

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Film Review: Good Girl (short film) (2018)

Rate This Movie   SYNOPSIS: Good Girl a stylish short film that plays on the depravity of one’s psychological dominance over another. REVIEW: Written by Bradley Fowler and Wesley Alley Directed by Wesley Alley Starring; Zack Ward as Charles Amanda Markowitz as Helen Maitlyn Pezzo as Elizabeth The film begins with Charles and Helen celebrating a tenth year anniversary. Helen …

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