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Film Review: Double Blind (short film) (2018)

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Starring Trent Agnew as the escapee, with Link Teale and Ryan Tarran as the reluctant security guards stuck with the clean up job


Director – Dave Greiner
Writers – Dave Keane / Dave Greiner / Ryan Tarran
Stunts – Ryan Tarran / Wes Gorman
Props, SFX and VFX – Daniel Turner / Wes Gorman
Sound – Dave Keane

This horror short really comes out swinging, giving us an intense 6 minutes. I don’t want to give away too much of the story (or lack thereof). So I will be keeping this review brief.

This little gem begins with a man in hospital gown sprinting through the woods. He looks scared and desperate-rightly so, because two security guards wearing gas masks are giving chase. The man trips and the guards are able to catch up. Guard one levels off with a shotgun as the man get to his knees. Guard two gives the order to shoot. But guard one freezes unable to pull the trigger on the helpless man. Guard two recognizes that guard one is getting cold feet. Guard two snatches the shotgun from guard one, than showing no mercy, he shoots the already surrendered man in his face. From this point is when the story really starts unleashing the scares.

What I like about this film and others like it, is it leaves me wanting more. Getting intense scenes like this with no real background story leaves a lot to my imagination, forcing the audience to fill in the blanks. It also tells me to keep an eye out for these film makers because, with a good budget, these guys will make some great horror.

So this short gets a quick hell yes- watch this film!!

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