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The Disappointing Reality Behind The Disappointments Room

Starring the talented and lovely Kate Beckinsale (‘Underworld’, ‘The Widow’), 2016’s ‘The Disappointments Room’ followed a young couple and their son as they unraveled the ultimately horrifying secrets of a hidden room in the attic of their new home. The filmed based the core of it’s story on the real life discovery and investigation of just such a room by …

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Culpability and Fear: Where does “Bandersnatch” Fit in the Horror Genre?

“Bandersnatch” appeared on my radar non-traditionally. Frankly, I was disinterested in the trailers and promotional bumps that autoplayed when I turned on Netflix. It wasn’t until all the memes started flooding social media that I knew I had to check it out. “Bandersnatch” is the story of Stefan, a twenty something only child in the 1980s who sets out to …

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Vampire Movies – A Look Back at Some of Horror’s Greatest Contributions

When I asked Horror News readers and Facebook friends to tell me their favourite vampire films, I received a terrific response. The suggestions poured in, and all kinds of weird, wonderful and outlandish films fronted up for selection. So while I can’t deny the quality or appeal of films like Planet Of The Vampires (1965), Count Yorga Vampire (1970), Vampyres …

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Key Genre Films 1980s

How things have changed. In the forties, for instance, one would find it difficult to name twenty good genre films of the decade but, since the late seventies, Hollywood has learned that their baby-booming audiences could not only handle strong horror and science fiction concepts, they craved them. Filmmakers everywhere went into overdrive. Like television today, there wasn’t a production …

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Horrifying History: Part 3 – The Alligator Man!

In our last entry we studied the real life roots of Tobe Hooper’s 1974 film, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but now we’re going to fast-forward to 1976. Hooper’s debut film has become a monster hit that’s making a fortune in cinemas all across the US. Unfortunately, Hooper’s dead broke because Bryanston Film Distribution is stealing 99 cents on every dollar …

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Slasher Films That Became Supernatural

In their earliest incarnations, slasher films set themselves apart from the average horror film of the time by embracing a certain semblance of realism. Prototypical slashers such as Psycho, Peeping Tom and Texas Chainsaw Massacre utilized a human killer in the place of monsters, ghosts and demons to instill fear in the audience. John Carpenter’s Halloween was the turning point …

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Movies that Give You Nightmares Immediately – Part 2

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) – Directed by Wes Craven In Wes Craven’s ‘’A Nightmare on Elm Street’’, Nancy Thompson (Heather Langenkamp) lives in the perfect suburban area of Elm Street, Springwood. After the death of her best friend, Nancy realises that Elm Street has a dark secret after constantly having nightmares about a disfigured child murderer named Freddy …

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