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Caroline Munro Updates us on New Film VAMPYRES

The cult actress Caroline Munro tells all  about her work in VAMPYRES  in this interview, a new approach to José Ramón Larraz’s eurohorror classic  directed by Víctor Matellano. The interview, that can be watched here. (It is in English with Spanish subtitles.)

[youtube] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2upsnikgCQ%5B/youtube%5D

The popular actress from MANIAC by Lusting and Hammer productions such as CAPTAIN KRONOS: VAMPYRE HUNTER and  DRACULA AD 1972, is part of this new VAMPYRES vision.

In this occasion, Vicent Price’s beloved in Dr. Phibes, plays the role of  a mysterious and dark hotel landlady, a key piece in the sadistic murders which are taking place in the woods. Some women have the habit of attracting young men for their bloody orgies…

In VAMPYRES, produced by Ángel Mora for Artistic Metropol, there are actors such as: Christian Stamm, Marta Flich, Luis Hacha, Veronica P.Bacorn, Anthony Rotsa, Almudena Leon, Víctor Vidal and eurohorror stars as Lone Fleming, Antonio Mayans, May Heatherly and Conrado San Martin. Inside the technical crew we can find the FX technician Colin Arthur, responsible of The Neverending Story fauna, Conan’s snake or Dr- Phibes’s mask.

Nowadays this feature film by Víctor Matellano is in international markets and it could be seen soon in several countries.


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