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Celldweller releases New track Love off End of an Empire

The brand new record from Detroit, Michigan-based electronic rock visionary Celldweller has been released via FiXT. “Love” is the second installment of the boundary-breaking and genre-defying “End of an Empire” record. Pushing the limits of both electronic and rock music, “Love” sends the listener into a frenzy fueled by adrenaline and emotion. Through innovation and uncompressed composition, “End of an Empire (Chapter 02: Love)” proves to listeners over and over why Celldweller remains at the forefront of the electronic rock genre.Celldweller-end-of-an-empire

Purchase or Stream “End of an Empire (Chapter 02: Love)”:

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“End of an Empire is me, myself and I in my studio surrounded by lots of gear,” said Celldweller mastermind Klayton. “From the very first sound I lay down for a track to the final mastering, I’m in control over the final product.”

Celldweller is a #1 international selling artist in the iTunes and Amazon Electronic charts. “End of an Empire (Chapter 02: Love” has already made waves in the iTunes Electronic album charts in Russia, the United Kingdom, and The United States, where it is currently the #5 album on the charts.

The first installment of the “End of an Empire” record, “Time,” broke into the Billboard charts with #15 on Billboard Electronic, and #32 on Billboard Heatseekers. Klayton’s music has also been featured in hundreds of Film/TV/Video Game placements, such as Robocop, Pacific Rim, Dead Rising 3, along with many others.

For “End of an Empire (Ch 02: Love),” Celldweller has tapped an onslaught of premier artists for remixes, such as Aesthetic Perfection, SeamlessR, KATFYR, as well as a VIP mix by Klayton himself.

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