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Celldweller Creator Klayton Scores First Feature Film, The Dunes

The Dunes (Official Motion Picture Score) marks the first feature-length film score from artist & composer Klayton, best known for his successful artist project Celldweller. The film, written by Greg Mohrman and directed by Grant Mohrman, is a psychological thriller available for rent and purchase now through Breaking Glass Pictures here.

Klayton approached The Dunes with elaborate sound design and pristine production, to create a disturbingly ambient and frenetic audio companion to the psychological thriller. Using pulsing rhythms and cinematic tension, Klayton delivers a sense of unease with creeping beats and airy synths across the score, providing the perfect soundtrack for a descent into madness.

The Score is available now on Spotify, Apple Music and all DSPs through FiXT and Position Music here.

Personifying the sound of the playlist generation, Celldweller (Klayton) creates a fusion of digital and organic elements, ignoring genre boundaries and creating a pioneering vision for the future of modern music.

Celldweller has become a worldwide phenomenon with fans in over 130 countries and a catalog of music garnering over 500,000,000 streams.

Klayton, the multifaceted producer behind Celldweller, not only creates artist albums that have garnered an intense cult following, but is well known in the media industry for his music appearing in hundreds of major Film / TV & Video Games, such as Westworld, Suicide Squad, Jack Reacher, Deadpool, Collide, Lucy, John Wick, Robocop, Pacific Rim, Killer Instinct Season 3, Now You See Me, Dead Rising 3, Call of Duty: Elite, Assassin’s Creed, UFC & more.


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