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Interview: Paul Tarnopol (Jersey Shore Massacre)

Interview-Paul-Tarnopol-Jersey-shore-Massacre-(7)Michael Grise: What made you want to write and direct “Jersey Shore Massacre”?

Paul Tarnopol: I read an article that the ratings of the T.V. show are through the roof, and so I had to find out what this show was. I watched the show for the first time and thought to myself “it would be really funny to put these type of people in a classic horror scenario”.

MG: I agree, that would be hilarious.

PT: Its not like these people haven’t existed all along. You know, back in the 80’s and the 70’s, being from Ney York we would call them Greasers. These people are pretty common and it made me think that there hasn’t really been a horror film that has these kinds of characters as the main focus.

MG: When you first saw the “Jersey Shore” what did you take from it? comedy? stupidity? and did you love or hate them?

PT: NO, I don’t hate them at all really. I thought it was silly. Listen, I remember when I was in my mid twenties I would want a camera following me around. we did a lot of dumb things. Their behavior was outrageous but I never really did understand the hatred towards them. So it made me think well a lot of people who like “The Jersey Shore” would like this film but there may be even more who don’t like “The Jersey Shore” T.V. show who may like this film.

MG: Hahaha, I love in the trailer when it says “You’re not the only one who wants them dead”.

PT: Haha yea, and Jenni (JWOWW) has been a great sport about it. I think it takes someone who is very secure, with a good sense of humor to poke fun at themselves.


MG: That brings up a great question, did you work with anyone else from “The Jersey Shore” or just Jenni (JWOWW)?

PT: Just JWOWW, we have a really close mutual friend who was our connection. You know, we didn’t want to make direct parodies of the “Jesey Shore” cast. I really have no intention of doing anything that mean spirited. I want to take the essence of these characters, make them even less appealing even so that the viewer is like ” maybe this guy deserves to be dead”.

MG: Ha! That sounds awesome. Did you ever run into any tight situations or trouble shooting this film?

PT: This is my first film directing and writing. We had to shoot the film up in the New York area, Connecticut and New Jersey. All together 6 locations and about 28 days to shoot it, with a small budget. It was horrifying when the sun would start to come up over the trees in the morning during a night scene because you will loose your shot. But we had a great crew and a great cast and everyone was on board.


MG I’m sorry but 28 days? That is extremely impressive.

PT: And six locations! 3 New Jersey, 1 in Connecticut it was Nuts!

MG: Hey, but all that hard work should pay off.

PT: I hope so, we don’t expect this film to be everybody’s kind of film. I expect critics to despise this film. But, we never made it for the critics. We made it for regular viewers who want an hour and a half of fun and excitement. Its pure entertainment.

MG: That’s a great approach to a film like this and its definitely one I’m looking forward to watch. Did you have any favorite or unique kills in this film?


PT: We have a kill that no one has ever seen before that is in the red-band trailer. All the girl can find to protect herself is a vibrator that she stabs into the killer eye.

MG: Ha! that’s great.

PT: Yea, that’s something that’s never been done before. Its a hard comedy but we do have some real gore!

MG: Is there going to be any cheesy lines like “We have to fist pump out of here”! Because I love things like that.


PT: Trust me, This movie has plenty of cheese.

MG: That makes me want to so it so much more.

PT: You know what you’re going to like? There is a special feature on the DVD called “Fat Camp Massacre” about fat kids at a fat camp who are lured into the woods by cupcakes and pizza and then are chain-sawed by a maniacal clown.

MG: I love it! You really seem to know how to market a film like this. And on top of all of that, getting the support of JWOWW is amazing. I’m happy that she can be there to prove that this is just a fun film and not an attack on a certain people.

PT: You are not going to find a better person to work with. She will have a great career making movies and that is what she wants to do.


I want to thank Paul one more time for this fun interview. Comedy, gore and GTL, Paul guarantees that you will not be bored. You can catch this movie on Blu-Ray and DVD August 26th. Thank you so much for reading and please leave comments!

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