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Interview: Author Marie D. Jones (Deja Vu Enigma)

This week we are interviewing Marie Jones about her new book titled, The Déjà vu Enigma: A Journey Through the Anomalies of Mind, Memory and Time

Mike Joy: What possessed you to write a book on such a widely known but in my opinion, a scarcely believed subject?

Marie Jones: Oh, déjà vu is widely believed and is the most widely reported, and perhaps, the most widely researched anomalous phenomenon. There are many scientific studies of déjà vu happening today at universities all over the world, as well as centers devoted to this research. Déjà vu has been examined under scientific context for decades, and was the topic of much research by the psychological community since the 1800s. It is widely accepted by the scientific and medical communities as a real phenomenon.

We decided to write about it because we have always felt that the human mind is truly the final frontier of discovery. We thought déjà vu would be a great starting point for that greater journey into the depths of mind, brain and consciousness. And as we researched, we found more and more to talk about in terms of the power of perception, belief and intention to create reality, both individual and collective.?

Mike Joy: Now everyone experiences these feelings of I’ve been here before or this looks familiar even though they in fact have never seen nor been to these places. You seem to write so passionately about this, is that because you / somebody close to you experiences this?

Marie Jones: I experience déjà vu all the time, and have for many years. It has always struck me as being far more profound than the trivial explanations of brain glitch or memory misfire gave it credit for. Many in the scientific community also admit that although déjà vu has been studied and even triggered in patients in clinical situations, and even though we know the parts of the brain involved, we still have no clue as to what it really is, and why we have it at random times. It’s one thing to be able to wire someone up with electrodes, stimulate the temporal lobe or hypothalamus region, and make them have a déjà vu…it’s another thing entirely to try to figure out how this happens in a day to day setting and why those who experience it often also experience other events such as precognition or what might be termed past-life recall.

My déjà vu always involve conversations. I can actually, while in the déjà vu event, predict the next word that will come out of the other person’s mouth a fraction of a second before they speak it. Others who have experienced precognitive déjà vu also have visions of future events that later unfold. Some people report having a dream of a particular event, then weeks later, the actual event happens, during which they experience the classic déjà vu, but they are able to avoid any danger because of the earlier precognitive dream.

My passion is to explore the power of the human mind. We truly don’t comprehend how amazing and untapped our mental potential is. We still know very little about our own brains, and even less about consciousness!

Mike Joy: If so, when can you first remember experiencing déjà vu?Marie Jones: I don’t remember! But I know it was back in my teens. There is a collective belief on behalf of researchers that children under 9 do not experience déjà vu. But whether or not this has something to do with this age group having more brain time in the alpha wave state, or just that they cannot verbalize as well what is happening to them when they DO have déjà vu, is open for discussion![Soft Break]

Mike Joy: Also, while on the subject of your writing, it seems that you can easily explicate on this enigma. You have a firm knowledge of psychology, what kind of background and/or schooling do you have?

I have been writing since childhood, am a voracious reader and researcher, and have always had a love for all things involving science and human behavior, as well as the paranormal and anomalous phenomena. I have no PhD and no academic background, and that is what my readers tell me makes my books so enjoyable. I present hard stuff in an easy to swallow manner that is not condescending. I just love the stuff I write about and my job is to present all sides of the story, as well as my own take on it all.

My father is a geophysicist. We wrote a book together called Supervolcano, and I grew up with science books and textbooks all over the house. I have a profound love and respect for science, but I also had a very deep sense of the invisible world as well, and decided to spend my life trying to find the missing links. I always felt an inner spirituality, but it was something I could easily reconcile with my love of science. I still don’t know why others have such a hard time doing so!!!

Mike Joy: I’ve heard of sleep paralysis before but it is not a subject that gets a lot of media coverage. I’m surprised to find out that it’s as widespread as it is. How is it explained that so many diverse people from around the world are all having these ‘same’ experiences?

Marie Jones: Sleep paralysis is one of the anomalies of the brain. It seems to occur more often when the person is exhausted, and I know in my case that is true. I experience this all the time, and it is terrifying. To feel completely helpless and unable to move or cry out, and have the sense of something sitting on your chest, or breathing in your ear, or lurking at the foot of your bed, feels SO real, yet you are actually in a state of awareness between the normal waking state and the sleep state. It is in the in between area that sleep paralysis can occur. Most cases involve some kind of auditory element, like buzzing, humming, even loud whining sounds. Some people report buzzing in their whole bodies! In any event, you feel as though you cannot move or breathe and that you are going to die.

Again, no one seems to truly understand what this is or why it happens. Is it just a glitch of the mind? Is it real and we are stuck between realities? Some in the UFO community have associated this state with abductions, suggesting that perhaps it is in sleep paralysis that people believe they are experiencing the classic UFO abduction. Scary stuff, but it happens to people all over the world and is a lot more common than most people think.

Mike Joy: You talk about how Thomas Edison tried to invent a machine that could allow us to communicate with the dead. This is a bit of information I’m willing to bet most people are not aware of. How did you become aware of this information?

Marie Jones: Apparently, yes, Mr. Edison was passionate about communicating with the spirit world. Who knew? This is a widely known fact in the paranormal community, mainly among those involved in ghosts and the afterlife.

Mike Joy: What exactly are your thoughts on one of the world’s greatest scientists trying to create a machine that could have drastically changed the world?

Marie Jones: I think it is natural for a scientist to understand that there is an unseen side of life, even if they cannot quantify or explain it. Physicist David Bohm spoke of the implicate order of reality the invisible and unseen level of order where cause occurred. This level of reality was like a web of connectivity that we are all a part of, which might allow for all kinds of paranormal experiences to occur, including psychic abilities, remote viewing, precognition, etc. We see the effects in our explicate order of reality as physical manifestations. But the causality occurs in the implicate order. All of the greatest scientists knew or know that there is more to life than meets the eye. The problem is, how do you apply that to the scientific method of research? That, and the fact that so much of this other unseen stuff is subjective and personal in nature, is where the disconnect occurs.

Mike Joy: Some people argue that déjà vu isn’t real, that we have in fact been to these places or seen, felt, or smelled these things in past lives.What exactly is your viewpoint on the reincarnation angle?

Marie Jones: I think people misunderstand déjà vu. It is real. It is a proven anomaly; we just don’t understand what it implies. It could indeed be a glimpse of ourselves in a past life, or even a future one, or as many in the more paranormal end of things suggest, perhaps a glimpse of ourselves in a parallel universe where we are doing the exact same thing at the exact same time.

Déjà vu is nothing more than the memory of a present moment experience. That sounds impossible. How can you have a memory of something happening NOW? But that is what it is. Other experiences may be attached to the déjà vu, such as a sense of having lived in a location before, or seeing an event occur in the future. But déjà vu itself is simple. You have a memory of something happening NOW.

Mike Joy: Is déjà vu perhaps and glimpse or memory of something we’ve done in a parallel universe.I have a wide-open mind when it comes to possibilities because I think the possibilities are endless. Do you believe we could be connected to a parallel universe or other dimension?

Marie Jones: That is my favorite possible explanation, because not only does it make sense, but if feels that way when you are experiencing it. Like you are split between two worlds. You have a dual mind experience, where you are aware of yourself in both worlds. Very spooky. Again, we know what parts of the brain are involved in déjà vu, but no one as of yet can say what it is. I like to think that theoretical and quantum physics may offer the answer. I am seeing me in another universe doing the same thing, until one of us makes a different choice, thereby ending the event as the universes split off. This is the Many Worlds Theory. There is also a Many Minds Theory that states the same possibility, only that this occurs in the mind. Who knows?

But until we do know for sure, we cannot rule anything out, no matter how out there the idea might seem at the time.

Mike Joy: What is next on your writing agenda???

Marie Jones: Larry and I have a book we are finishing up titled The Trinity Secret: The Power of Three and the Code of Creation, which examines in detail the profound nature of the number three in science, religion, mythology, consciousness and even folklore and fairy tales. It is a fascinating subject!

I just signed to do a book titled Destiny Vs. Choice: The Scientific and Spiritual Evidence Behind Fate and Free Will, which should be fun to write. I have long wondered destiny? Choice? Maybe somehow a combination of the two?

Larry and I also have a paranormal horror film in development with Bruce Lucas Films, titled 19 Hz. Bruce and I also have other projects in development, so we are both keeping busy with writing!!! People can keep track of our activities at www.paraexplorers.com, or via my website at www.mariedjones.com

Thanks again Marie and please don’t be a stranger to the Unexplained.

Editors Note: I have read each of Marie’s books personally front to back and think they fantastic reads! – Do yourself a favor and get educated from her hard work – Bonedigger

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