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Magazine Review: The Dark Side – Issue 156

Dark Side 156THE DARK SIDE
Ghoulish Publishing
Editor: Allan Bryce

After the slightly disjointed issue 155, the greatest UK horror magazine in history is back to firing on all cylinders with a spectacular feast of features for horrorvores everywhere. In fact, there was so much content that they couldn’t fit it all in, and thus a feature or two will follow next time. This issue is a joy from start to finish, and features content you just wouldn’t find in other more gimmicky titles.

Some brilliant interviews in this issue include Suspiria’s Jessica Harper, Eli Roth and Barbara Bouchet, but the magazine contains a true exclusive in the form of the first EVER interview with Cannibal movie legend Me Me Lai!

The magazine’s brilliant history of Tigon films concludes this issue, while the cover feature this time is a thoroughly tasty look into the seminal UK cinema horror double bills of the classic era. There’s also an excellent look at the life and career of the late Karen Black and more, alongside the usual visceral reviews and columns.

In Allan Bryce’s editorial he talks of a staffer complaining there’s too much retro themed material in the magazine, but I say keep that good stuff coming! Without and appreciation of the past of the genre, new film makers have no foundation on which to build their own dark art. Personally I hope he magazine never changes it’s remit. It’s important that fans of older genre cinema have a publication that understands our fascination with classic tales of the macabre and tacky exploitation movies.

The magazine’s letters page is testament to the wide appeal the publication has, and also highlights the fact that there is a deep and abiding love for the retro material the magazine is famous for.

As it is, the Dark Side could only be bettered if it featured a little more material on the 1980s horror scene, as it’s content seems to be very 60s/70s themed for the most part. How about a column on 80s low budget horror movies and cult classics? That would add even more appeal to fans of classic horror cinema. That aside, the magazine continues to blow everything else out of the water with its enthusiasm and quality of writing and design. Brilliant.

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