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Book Review: Undead L.A. – Author Devan Sagliani

undeadLA1UNDEAD L.A.
By: Devan Sagliani
Laughing Crow Media
152 Pages

A series of short stories with a central theme surrounding post-apocalyptic Los Angeles each tale is presented for varying victims among the undead.

LAX: A commercial pilot copes with the catastrophic aftermath of Armageddon and takes drastic measures into his own hands.

No One Is Watching: After the world has come undone, Gary Wendell a police detective finds redemption in the unlikeliest of places.

Camp Zombie: A group of youths vie to stay alive within their surrogate shelter against a horde of the walking undead.

To Live and Die in LA: Terminal illness places a unique perspective unto a young woman facing apocalyptic ruin.

La Cucaracha: After realizing her dreams of owning her own catering franchise a young woman learns death is a dish not always served cold.

Dogtown Locals Union: A tandem of teen surfers learns that danger lurks from all sides not only from the sea.

This is the third novel I’ve had the esteemed honor and privilege of reading from one Devan Sagliani. It’s exciting and encouraging to see any creative artist come into their own; grow, mature and flourish into a virtual prodigy to be reckoned with. Inside Undead LA, the author explores the aftermath of a zombie outbreak in short story format. Each of the tales are intertwined to a degree all surrounding the central theme of Los Angeles survivors.

The scenes depicted within the pages are disturbingly descriptive. A movie reel of sorts unravels within the subconscious breathing invigorating life unto reader. Be forewarned the kills are not for the faint of heart or the squeamish. Suffice to say even Clive Barker would be proud of this innovation.

Some readers or editors may argue the prose is penned with an over indulgent amount of allegories. I personally enjoy the references and don’t feel that this author is relying too heavily upon the descriptions to enhance the action. A walking zombie hitting glass like those fish eating algae in a tank only presents more vivid imagery for me. Sagliani hits the nail on the head time and again making the action translatable unto a vast readership audience.

The action within itself is high octane and refuses to relent. As much of the content is presented within first person persona we get an up close and personal experience of what mayhem is unfolding. While we experience sight and feeling which goes without saying, the reader gets opportunity to hear, breathe and taste the ordeal around them. The senses only enhance the storylines further making this a certified ravenous page turner.

Celebrity cultural references personify Los Angeles lifestyle. The content isn’t lost among a wide generation of readers. Many if not most will appreciate the glimpses at reality television, contemporary music, sports, film and adult entertainment icons. The passages deliver a sense of legitimacy for the reader forever suspending the believability factors.

Several of the settings including the airport, beach and other notable LA landmarks are refreshing. A sense of vulnerability is provoked, tweaked and raised a notch in the fear scale. When our sense of safety, wellness and leisure is threatened then nothing at all remains sacred.

Some humorous reflections and dialogue are a welcome break from the horrendous ordeal the characters face in their own private hell. It’s a break in the roller coaster ride easing up on the sense of unease and dread before embarking upon a fresh onslaught of doom and despair.

Those unfamiliar with the works of Devan Sagliani should most definitely charter the unknown. For further works of this author his assortment may be found at:



Book Review: Undead L.A. – Author Devan Sagliani

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