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Stephen King’s CELL Dials A Director

Haven’t had any news on this project for a while. I think the last time I wrote a report on it, it was to tell you that Eli Roth was first involved and then not. Today brings the news that a director has been named and production is moving ahead.

The news comes via MovieWeb that Paranormal Activity 2 director Tod Williams has been tapped to direct the Stephen King / Adam Alleca penned script for Cargo Entertainment.

John Cusack will star as Clayton Little a graphic artist in Boston who is struggling to find his wife and son after a deadly pulse was sent through every cell phone. Anyone who was using their phone at the time of the pulse’s transmission is transformed into a psychotic killer.

I loved the novel, a return to form for King in my eyes and am excited to see this one is finally moving along. Production is slated to begin in May and who knows, we could see this one by Halloween this year, but no release date has yet been released.


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