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SyFy Channel Is Gonna Give Us HEEBIE JEEBIES

I don’t know where you all stand on those lovely Saturday night SyFy Channel premieres but I love them. Can’t help it, I was brought up on low budget flicks that featured questionable acting and less then perfect monster suits and SyFy has certainly found themselves a nice little niche bringing that all back to a new generation.

Their latest creature romp is HEEBIE JEEBIES and what really got my attention was the last few names on the list of stars. Robert Belushi, Cathy Shim, Michael Badalucco, Lucille Soong, Evie Thompson, Dave Randolph-Mayhem Davis, Olivia Ku, Carl Savering, Marion Ross and Jennifer Rubin.

Ok, this is what I love about these flicks. Mrs. C and the girl from BAD DREAMS and NOES Part 3! Together! In the same flick! I am so there.

I know you can’t wait to hear what HEEBIE JEEBIES is all about so here ya go:

HEEBIE JEEBIES follows small town deputy Todd Crane (Robert Belushi) as he must learn to control his panic attacks when his community is threatened by a centuries-old creature that radiates fear and is out for one thing—revenge.

A couple new images popped up online this morning, check those out below and keep in mind that the HEEBIE JEEBIES will stick on Saturday Feb. 9th on the one and only SyFy Channel.

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