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Guillermo del Toro and James Cameron Team Up

It looks like two Hollywood powerhouses will be combining forces to put together a H.P Lovecraft movie adaptation. At the Mountains of Madness will have Guillermo del Toro directing and James Cameron producing. Naturally James Cameron will be working on getting the film ready to be shot in 3D. That’s certainly no surprise, however since James has the only film I have ever heard of worth watching just because its 3D is something worth remembering. Avatar had a lousy story but people flocked to it because of its amazing 3D effects.

Deadline.com reports that the film will go into pre-production within weeks, and that it will shoot next year. The site also says the film “will be a big-ticket item, shot in 3D, where Cameron’s expertise can really help. Cameron has said he won’t put his name on many future movies outside of the 3D reboot of Fantastic Voyage at Fox, but I’ve heard he’s making an exception for del Toro.”

This has been a long time coming and Guillermo del Toro revealed that a big reason it was so hard to get a studio to back this project was due to his commitment on making it a big-budgeted R-rated period horror film, all of which studios are afraid of. It sounds like this movie will hold some water. It is interesting to see these two people come together to make a very difficult film. H.P. Lovecraft fans everywhere will be watching this closely to make sure that it isn’t butchered and considering the passion that Guillermo has for this project I am sure he won’t disappoint.

Source: slashfilm.com

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