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Film Review: Bagman Professional Murder (short film) (2004)


Bagman, a killer with a paper bag on the head, kills anybody who pronounces his name three times. When a gang of gangsters meets a girl who escaped the killer, they call Bagman and a violent battle ensues.


A young girl awakens to FBI agent Blake Forester who claims that out of 24 victims, she is the only one to have survived a cabin in the woods massacre. She proceeds to tell her story to the non-believing agent. if you havent caught this micro master work of mayhem dubbed “Bagman Professional Murder” your missing out.

Part comedy part, gorefest this 19 minute short uses a hearty helping of blood and guts that echoes some of Troma’s earlier work but on a much busier level. Clever moves, sound effects and wacky dialog lay a foundation for Bagman’s chaotic appearances.

When a local group of gangster thugs repeat his name 3 times, they didn’t anticipate Bagman getting the best of them. Soon backups appear in an all out war of gangster vs urban legend. Though Bagman stands strong un phased as new recruits are quickly reduced to a bloody mess of pieces and broken bodies. It’s a zany ode to music video style filming with Bagman slicing into thugs like butter. Great old school gore humor with axes and blades being swung around in an Asian-gore style manner keep this short blood soaked from front to back.

There is plenty of dismemberments, beheadings and gut-pulling fun for the most hard core of gore hounds. This micro budget film directed by Jonathan Prévost and François Simard proves it can hold your attention with a smattering of silliness and gory kill gags. Bagman might just be to be the next antihero pulsating with sloppy ass kicking and stomach crunching chaos. Some great scenes here and an inventive array of gore-to-finish cuts are nutty as hell to watch unfold. Bagman Professional Murder” appears to be the only piece Jonathan Prévost has directed to date.

You can check out the short under its French name of “BAGMAN Profession: Meurtrier“. If you like this kind of wacky violence your highly suggested to check out the work of newcomers Necrostorm

Bagman Professional Murder (short film) (2004)


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