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Home | Film Review: The Unholy Manipulator (short film) (2012)

Film Review: The Unholy Manipulator (short film) (2012)


A trip to the local video store turns into a nightmare for a customer that pushes the clerk one step too far.


Under the blanket of a music video / short film, “Product of Hate” has introduced a new gorey torturous entry into the horror stratosphere. While of course acting as a vehicle for “Product of Hate’s music, the genre highlight here is the inclusion of one of our favorite horror femme fatales, Ashley Laurence (from the Hellraiser franchise fame). It appears right off the bat that Ashley is indeed bringing the pain as she and singer Mark Campbell proceed to torture the crap out of a smart-ass store customer turned nightmare with a full helping of ear slicing, dismemberment and wood chipper execution.

 Is it possible that with all this blood and screen pain, it can still come off extremely sexy? Well when you have Ashley Laurence twisting and rocking out in full glorious rock attire, I’d have to say absolutely. This video short film blends the music of “Product to Hate” with a message about nightmarish realities that occur within one’s mind. At this point I’m guessing that anything that has to do with Hell and retribution should feature Ashley at the helm.

A great marrige of hard rock and the horror genre served up just the way we like it…..cold and angry! Looking Good! Directed under the talents of fellow horror lover James Zahn.

Film Review: The Unholy Manipulator (short film) (2012)

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