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‘The Unholy Manipulator’ Short film Premiere’s w Product of Hate and Ashley Laurence

This just in…..PR found below on this new short film we’ve been waiting to take a gander at. Read on for link and info!

Horrific Halloween! Product of Hate teams with Bloody-Disgusting for premiere of “The Unholy Manipulator” short film starring HELLRAISER’s Ashley Laurence


Just in time for Halloween, Wisconsin’s PRODUCT OF HATE has teamed up with Bloody-Disgusting.com for the online premiere of their long-awaited short film, “The Unholy Manipulator.” Starring Ashley Laurence (HELLRAISER) in the title role, and featuring Tim Lovelace (MOSQUITO) as her victim, the film features special make-up and visual FX by Robert Kurtzman’s Creature Corps. Kurtzman (creator of FROM DUSK ‘TILL DAWN, director of WISHMASTER) also served as a producer on the ambitious short film.

“The Unholy Manipulator” can be viewed at this location:

When a customer in a small, independent video store decides to taunt the clerk, the line between reality and fantasy are tested as the two find themselves facing off in a horrific world of torture, monsters, and mayhem.

“Working with Robert Kurtzman was a huge honor for all of us, given his enormous body of work that we practically grew up on,” said Product of Hate lead guitarist Geno Rathbone to Bloody-Disgusting. “As a band from Southeastern Wisconsin, suffice to say there’s been more than a few nights spent watching plenty of horror movies over the years, many of which Bob has contributed to. He’s assembled an incredible crew at Precinct 13 Entertainment/Creature Corps, and being able to watch them work was really something special. We wanted to create a throwback music video, but more of a short film or ‘longform’ piece that could be fun for both the metal and horror communities. Prior to shooting, our producer, Scott Licina really pulled the project together, and it was through him that Ashley Laurence became involved. To have such an iconic figure in the horror genre become the face of our short film was something completely unexpected. A few tweaks to the overall story were tailored to Ashley as she appears as herself on DVD cases in the ‘real world’ sequences, and as those boxes and posters state on their tagline – ‘Ashley Laurence is The Unholy Manipulator’ when we enter the fantasy world. In the end, she did a hell of a job kicking some ass on-screen, and looked great while doing it. The whole thing was shot under the direction of our friend, James Zahn, who insisted on having a tree shredder involved.”

The Unholy Manipulator” serves as a companion film to PRODUCT OF HATE’s 2010 debut EP of the same name. The project was filmed over the course of three days in and around the towns of Crestline and Galion, Ohio. Among the stellar talent on the behind-the-scenes crew were Assistant Director Gary Jones (director of the upcoming BUNYAN), makeup artist Beki Ingram (contestant on SyFy’s Face Off Season 2), camera operator David H. Greathouse (director of vids for Mushroomhead, Dawn of Ashes), and Cinematographer Franklin Purtiman (THE RAGE, THE DEAD MATTER). For a full list of credits, please visit this link.

PRODUCT OF HATE just finished performing an October residency at the Eleventh Hour Haunted House in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, and will soon return to the studio to record a trio of new songs. The band released two brand-new singles in 2012 including “Revolution of Destruction” and “A Well Deserved Death.”

Currently unsigned, PRODUCT OF HATE hopes to find a suitable label partner for the release of their 2013 full length before hitting the road indefinitely.


PRODUCT OF HATE is: Adam Gilley (vocals), Mike McGuire (drums), Mark Campbell (bass), Cody Rathbone (guitar), Geno Rathbone (lead guitar).

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