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Home | Music Review: Product Of Hate – The Unholy Manipulator

Music Review: Product Of Hate – The Unholy Manipulator

Product Of Hate - The Unholy Manipulator CD cover

Metal is rife with various genres and subgenres today. From doom to death, symphonic to folkloric, progressive to rapcore, everyone needs to classify themselves into a comfortable definition. Product of Hate isn’t having any of it. According to the genre tag on their debut EP The Unholy Manipulator, they’re just “Fucking METAL!” There are no ballads, symphonic melodies, flutes, synthesizers, Norse mythology or opera singers on this album. Instead, we get heavy metal with guitar solos, pounding drums, growling, screaming and bad attitude.

The Unholy Manipulator opens fast and heavy with Start the March, and ends even heavier with title track Unholy Manipulator. All the songs are good, but Embrace Your Escape is the notable track on the album. In that song, Product of Hate created a worthy heir to the metal anthem crown currently held by Drowning Pool’s Bodies. I see a future with lots of Youtube videos overlaying that song on top of skateboarding, fireworks, game footage, and girl fights.

Musically, Product of Hate has all the talent needed. Vocalist Adam Gilley shows good range and energy. Guitarists Cody and Geno Rathbone riff and solo throughout the album, bringing a heavy sound. For a good taste of their work, check out the solos on Eyes Of the Damned and Unholy Manipulator. Drummer Mike McGuire keeps a steady beat just below death-metal pace, and bassist Mark Campbell, when you can hear him, drops interesting bass lines. The music isn’t groundbreaking, just really good.

Rage, energy and testosterone drive this group to heights not seen since the early days of Pantera. With The Unholy Manipulator, Product of Hate are pissed off, and we’re loving it. If you want to hear the next big thing in metal before everyone else, grab this album.

Track List:

  1. Start the March
  2. Your Last Chance
  3. Blood Coated Concrete
  4. Embrace Your Escape
  5. Eyes Of the Damned
  6. Unholy Manipulator

Product Of Hate – The Unholy Manipulator

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