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Film Review: Grabbers (2012)


When an island off the coast of Ireland is invaded by bloodsucking aliens, the heroes discover that getting drunk is the only way to survive.


I’m so glad to see that horror can still be fun and rightly fit within the category of horror. “Grabbers” is a sci-fi/thriller filmed in the lovely setting of Ireland, (County Donegal, Ireland to be more specific). It’s the kind of small ocean town setting that most of us urbanites and city dwellers dream of retiring to someday to exchange tales of lore while occasionally strolling out to fish. Though when an outer space projectile crashes in the ocean, what surfaces is anything but friendly to be around. Directed by Jon Wright, “Grabbers” is a film that passes itself back and forth between an independent production and that which you might expect from Spielberg. It’s well framed, well acted, and “even” with accent-heavy dialog, is cool enough to follow along.

There is nothing worse than a mess of nasty creatures invading a small town full of locals who quite enjoy the “pint of ale”. As we find, “that” notion will turn into the only saving grace for the community. We begin with 2 law officials, Garda Ciarán O’Shea (Richard Coyle) and newcomer Garda Lisa Nolan (Ruth Bradley) who has just arrived to partner with O’Shea. O’Shea is the older veteran in these parts who keeps an eye of things when they go South. Lisa is our younger “by the book” enforcer who despite being dedicated to her job can be quite charming (and lovely when she breaks her demeanor into a smile, that is)

O’Shea is your typical professional by day, boozer by night kind of guy. Though things haven’t always been that way. The loss of his wife who ran of with another has left him a bit lonely and “bottle-tied”. Lisa seems to be the perfect new companion who ends up sparking a fire between them.

But enough of the drama, the real focal point here is an aquatic tentacle fashioned monster that releases a laser focused tongue upon potential victims. In a rather cool but cruel way it positions itself above them while chomping them down into a decapitated head. The beast has been laying eggs around town which turn into smaller octo monsters, still strong enough to take out a few locals. Though its the mother figure that does the real damage. And for CGI, I have to say “it’s” pretty cool looking. I’d at least place it up against the creature from “Deep Rising” for comparison. “Grabbers” tends to grab you as a viwer (excuse the obvious word association) with its mean tongue lashing creatures.

The town, after being invaded, discovers that these blood-sucking monsters don’t like the taste of alcohol (which works for the locals real well). Nolan and O’Shea decide to round the locals up amid throwing a party at the local pub (so that they can work on killing off the alpha beast). Soon the new borns are arriving in droves while mega-creep watches over them taking out wanderers with the speed a frog catching flies.

Grabbers” has some great visuals that make this a cool and slick monster movie definitely worth your time. Your bound to make a few comparisons to aquatic creature films, however “Grabbers” has a very Irish based delivery that sets it to its own category. Actor Ruth Bradley has had quite career in TV series roles (one of which, Emily Merchant of the series “Primeval”). Actor Richard Coyle has also been in quite a few roles for film including the recent movie, “Outpost: Black Sun”. Director Jon Wright is a name you might remember as a director of the movie “Tormented” (with new film “Howl” just around the corner).

“Grabbers” should give you a clue by name alone on what kind of tone it takes. And even with the occasional decapitated head, it still comes across as fun and inventive. Horror fans will dig it while it even manages to squeak in a charming love interest story. Hey monsters or no monsters I’m moving to Donegal, Ireland …..see ya!

Grabbers (2012)

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