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Book Review: This Book is From the Future – Authors Marie Jones | Larry Flaxman

This Book is From the Future: A Journey Through Portals, Relativity, Worm Holes, and Other Adventures in Time Travel
Authors Marie Jones | Larry Flaxman

Time has always been a great fascination of mine. Some of cinema’s greatest film releases have fascinated us with the illusion of time travel, altering time, or interacting with time to satisfy our curious intellects. So when I heard that my favorite New Page Books author team (Marie Jones | Larry Flaxman) had written a book “about” time, I was instantly fascinated.

Time is of course something we live, analyze, adapt, and process on a daily basic. In recent years science has bent the rules a bit by making claims that perhaps we’ve got it all wrong. How could we, we ask? We only know this linear progression of life. If we cook food, it will boil, bake, fry or otherwise. If we leave the house we know at some point in the future we’ll arrive at our destination. If we get ill and don’t treat it, we’ll most likely get worse and maybe die?

It’s this basis that the authors take a more consumer-based look at what is time, what are we doing with it, and how has civilization and society adapted to its rules. It might actually inspire you, I know I was. I mention consumer base, as I’ve always spent a great deal of time reading books that take a deeper scientific tone. One that perhaps confuses and drones about with talk of quantusm and string hopping (more of less). While I’d love to be a scientist, we need to process things in a more casual tone. The book “This Book is From the Future” does this in great detail and comfort. We get a brief introduction into what is time, what has been proposed, and what is currently happening now. This of course is elaborated in further chapters which fleshes the material out a bit more.

A concept is proposed, one that I believe will drive further investigation in the “years ahead”. This is,… there e is no past or future, only the continuance of present. I translated this as all of us living within 1 long day with dynamic changes. If it weren’t for the sun or our skin aging, this concept might even make more sense. Another which caught my attention is the concept of past and future being reversed. In other words, death is our beginning. Those who are older than us get “there” first. They proceed us, rather than “us” outliving them. When it’s put into perspective it does make you wonder.

Time travel and the mechanics of it is no easy undertaking. This book brings all the studies and theories into small bites for you to consume and ponder over. Such is the case that while one scientist may publish a paper on break thru research, another may question the very fabric of time itself. Great content includes the opinion of minds such as Hawkings and Sagan. A few note worthy observations are pointed out that suggest time travel can only occur “once” we’ve discovered the technology. From this point forward, we may encounter time travelers from all walks of life.

Wormholes anyone? Lots of talk here on the famous worm holes subject and what “could” occur if a traveler were lucky enough to pass thru. A basic foundation is set that claims to be able to time travel or slow time you must exceed the speed of light.

My favorite portion would have to be on the comparisons of “time paradoxes”. Its’ quite a mind bender, but in a good way. Different time paradoxes are compared and how they “might” flesh out if time travel were possible. We are given the “grandfather scenario and several others that state how the timelines, effects, chain reactions or outcomes “may” arise from the act of time intervention. It’s a great way to really put your head around what it all means as opposed to just what we know from science fiction. Even as we speak scientists are experimenting with “Collider” machines and “God particles” to gain a clearer understanding. Ultimately a question is asked in the form of several chapters….Are we meant to discover time travel, and if so are the effects really only pertinent to the “moment” we actually do? Is there a 4th dimension that we have yet to tap into, or are there actual small wormholes within our current existence? Could time travel explain phenomenas such as ghosts, big foot sitings, advances in technology and so on…?

A very powerful read that takes some reflection of the materiel presented to begin to connect dots and theories. My impression here was that not only are we contemplating time but the quantums of it, multiverses, universal reactions, space, wormholes and how it all correlates together. This book simply said, is perfect for the “you and I” readers. We don’t need to know quantum formulas, but we do need to know what is being done, and where it “could lead. Easily one of my more favorite reads as of late. I suggest reading it twice. The first time for introduction and the 2nd to connect the theories.

Available at New Page Books

Book Review: This Book is From the Future – Authors Marie Jones | Larry Flaxman

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