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Film Review: K3 Prison of Hell (2009)


Andreas Bethmann brings us another slice of prime exploitation! Stuck on a prison island, 2 young woman are subjected to rape and torture, but when they escape into the jungle with the help of the camp’s female Doctor, the nightmare continues!


K3: Prison of Hell” is a German x-rated exploitation horror film. Based around the “women in prison” films such as the Ilsa collection, K3 is indeed a hybrid creation of sorts. If I were to judge the film purely by its first 45 minutes, I would have to say it’s an XXX film that focuses on rape and sodomy enforced by the prison guards of this island facility. In fact, there is little if any in the way of the women prisoners ever getting the upper hand. From the film start till completion, the women prisoners brought here are constantly subjected to rape, extended sodomy scenes and cruelty. K3 is just one of those films that should have never been made, though its intention is to appeal to the male audience. It tends to get weighed down in repetitive acts and extreme close ups of crotch manipulation. You begin to wonder how any horror elements even made there way into this production.

For a XXX film, there is adult action in just about every other scene leaving little to the imagination. Though this film does have a hidden agenda which is to lead up to horrific acts and extreme scenes of gore. I was referred to this film from the collective of Olaf Ittenbach’s work. of who provides the gruesome scenes within the films 3rd act. Viewers might even be hard pressed to discern practical FX from reality as Olaf Ittenbach’s work is done so damn authentically.

The horror part of the movie takes over an hour to as we move from one oral scene to the other. The women of K3 are never revealed as to “why” they are their, just that they have committed crimes leading them to the destination. The island is primarily lead by a sexed up blond haired warden who breaks in his recruits by an initiation raping. They are held at gunpoint, leaving no choice but to subjects themselves or die. The warden is backed up by an even crueler female warden who supports the island’s way of doing things inflicting torture without reason on the women captives.

As one girl is raped, her feet are stabbed and sliced followed by a hot wax pouring. Those who try to escape are tied naked to stakes in the jungle and left for the animals to devour. The only concerned soul is the island doctor who often has to endure much of the same herself. She plots to escape and notify the proper channels but is ineffective in her quest.

K3: Prison of Hell” really has no real purpose of agenda. It exists primarily for exploitation reasons only which is sealed with some of the nastiest gory murder scenes on film.

As mentioned the third act leads to more violence and torture with its grand finale being the slow desecration of one of the captives. With a almost fatal stabbing to the head, she is kept alive so a specialist can slowly cut into her legs and breasts while another prisoner is held per gunpoint to watch the whole ordeal.This soon following by bone crushing blows to the kneecaps in a overextended fashion causing the women to urinate. It’s pretty hard to watch and is not recommended on any level. The FX are well done…maybe “too” well done. It simply is not a film where good prevails leaving the whole filthy production on a horrific trashy note.

K3: Prison of Hell (2009)

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