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Interview: Sean Patrick Flanery (Boondock Saints, Saw 7)

Mike Joy: How does ‘Deadly Impact’ compare to other action movies that you’ve done? 

Sean Patrick Flanery: Most of the other action movies had horses in them… and none of them had Joey Pants..!!!
I really like the pace of this film. It accelerates right from the first scene.

Mike Joy: Do you do much of your own stunt work and how do you prepare for it? 

Sean Patrick Flanery: Yes. Most stunt work can be done by any relatively fit individual. Nothing too dangerous in this film. All stuff we all did as kids growing up. I think most productions think that actors are all delicate little flowers. Actually, I am a delicate flower on second thought 

Mike Joy: In a movie like this one, do you go strictly by the script or is there any room for improvisation? 

Sean Patrick Flanery: There’s always room for improvisation, but the script was very well constructed from the get-go. 

Mike Joy: What is the directing style of Robert Kurtzman like? 

Sean Patrick Flanery: I think he’s a great director, both technically and artistically. On top of that, he’s just a great dude to hang out with all day on set. 

Mike Joy: How does Joe Pantoliano rank as far as actors that you’ve worked with? 

Sean Patrick Flanery: He ranks number 1 as far as the actor that I’ve worked with that purchased the most hats while filming goes. Seriously… that cat must’ve bought 50 cowboy hats while we were there. No sh*t. 

Mike Joy: Do you have a personal favorite scene, for one reason or another, from ‘Deadly Impact’? 

Sean Patrick Flanery: Yes. The opening scene. I really got hooked into the script as soon as I read the opening 10 pages. 

Mike Joy: Where was ‘Deadly Impact’ filmed and how long did it take to shoot? 

Sean Patrick Flanery: Albuquerque, NM. We filmed for about a month and a half. 

Mike Joy: Do you have any cool or interesting ‘behind of the scenes’ memories from filming ‘Deadly Impact’? 

Sean Patrick Flanery: I met a few of the SWAT guys from Albuquerque and actually ended up training with them at Greg Jacksons gym while I was there. Guys like Rashad Evans and The Techno-Viking were training for their upcoming UFC fights. Rashads next fight had him winning the light heavyweight belt. That was pretty cool.

Mike Joy: What else can we expect to see from Sean Patrick Flannery in the near future? 

Sean Patrick Flanery: That he’s not going to add an extra “n” to his name anytime soon. …just kidding.

I’ll be in SAW 7 3D this coming October. It’s my first REALLY scary movie. I’m excited to be in a scary movie like that. 

Mike Joy: Thank you for taking the time to talk to us at Horrornews.net and this wouldn’t be much of a horror interview if I didn’t ask you, what is your favorite horror movie and why? 

Sean Patrick Flanery: Man, the Exorcist..!!!!! FREAKED me OUT…!!!!!
Thanks guys…!!!!!

Interview: Sean Patrick Flanery (Boondock Saints, Saw 7)

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