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Vamps: Lia Scott Price


Lia Scott Price is Horror/Vampire Author and Film Producer. She is the creator of Serial Killer and Vampire Guardian Angels™, characters in her books and films. She turned Guardian Angels into Serial Killers and Vampires who kill and eat people who pray to them, because they are tired of answering prayers.

Lia Scott Price self-publishes her books and self-produces her independent films. She features her characters in the following books and films:
-“The Guardian, Revenant, and Dominion” (Vampire Trilogy Book and Comic Book/Graphic Novel)
-“The Serial Killer and Vampire Guardian Angel Diaries” (Film Shorts)
-“Scenes from A Novel” (Film Shorts)
-“The Guardian” (Feature Film)
-“Dominion” (Feature Film)

Lia is CEO of Lia Scott Price Productions Inc. Her film production company turns her novels into films. Lia Scott Price also produces, acts in, directs, edits, composes, and is Cinematographer for her films. Her IMDB profile: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1699864/.

Lia is also a comic book artist for her own vampire comic book/graphic novel.

Lia has been featured on radio interviews and online media. Her books and films are distributed through createspace.com, amazon.com, amazon kindle and amazon video downloads. Price’s films are licensed with mdistribute.com (video content for the mobile industry), a division of golive! mobile. Her films air on Cable TV.

She currently resides in Los Angeles (South Bay), CA.

Her web site is www.liascottprice.com

Vamps: Lia Scott Price

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