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Comic Review: The Guardian – Issue 1

Lia Scott Price’s Vampire Guardian Angels
The Guardian Issue 1

In the beginning there was God and His Angels, Angels are supposed to protect us, not this one. Well, here it is, at last the beginning of the end for all that is holy. Our world is no longer safe, not with a particular Guardian Angel who’s tired of the whining and complaining. Lia Scott Price has written a trilogy, The Guardian, Revenant and Dominion, all worthy stories that supply horror and gore and more horror. It’s the tone of the novel that strikes fear into the minds and hearts of the readers.

The way Lia Scott Price has written these holy characters and easily turning them into our worse nightmares. We can’t even pray anymore without looking over our shoulders and seeing a Guardian Angel in the background, compelling us to take our own lives.

The comic is fast paced and the artwork is very well drawn. The artists use shadows to their advantage and it’s put into good use. One would think the artist was inspired by Frank Miller’s style which is not a bad thing. We artists have professionals we admire and aspire to be like. The flow of the story draws the readers into a world where they would sit and wonder, what if my Guardian Angel turns out to be evil? This is the start of a good series that is not to be missed. The end of the story has a promise for a brand new horror element. It gives us a good reason to be afraid of vampires. VAMPIRES DON’T SPARKLE!

Sorry, the vampire purist in me, wanted to type that out for a little sense of humor. The characters are strong in this series, the sense of hopelessness is equally strong. If you’re looking for a comic to sink your fangs into, then The Guardian Issue 1 is that comic. The moment you read, the more you’ll crave. Trust me, I’m already hooked and cannot wait for some more unholy carnage to unfold. Time’s wasting, the Guardian Angels are turning.

Comic Review: The Guardian – Issue 1

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