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Comic Review: Vampire Guardian Angels – Issue 5

Vampire-guardian-angels-issue5Vampire Guardian Angels: Rule of Blood Issue 5

The much anticipated issue of Lia Scott Price’s horror comic series Vampire Guardian Angels Rule of Blood Issue 5, has arrived and once more it leaves us in suspense of wanting to know what happens next.

Horror comics are a thing of today. We come to terms with what is currently out there in the field and cannot help but wonder why no major independent publisher has spotted this series and take notes on the talented Lia Scott Price and her two amazing artists Andrew Setter and Chad Hammontree? As each issue is put out there, the story gets cooler and cooler. The detail within each panel and page is what brings this particular issue to life. It has a way of grabbing the reader’s attention and taking them through a literal ride through Hell. The characters’ journeys are taking interesting turns and leaving us at certain stops where we are not sure what is going to happen next and how it will impact other characters.

The antagonists and protagonists are at constant wars with each other and within themselves. Their motives for power and protecting are what keeps the readers engaged and that is what it takes to make someone want to pick up the issue and see what happens next. There is so much going on that will not leave a reader bored and definitely not wanting them to wonder why they are reading this in the first place.

Vampires are a thing of mystery and danger. These vampires are not romantic types, they are evil and will kill for pleasure. They are depraved and Lia knows what the fans of vampires want out of the undying bloodsuckers. They want something that will keep them interested in them. Readers today do not want to read about vampires who fall in love and sparkle. They want blood and gore. They want to see these monsters rip humans apart and do despicable acts of violence against the mortal race. Lia has upped the ante and evil factor in these vampires. She has given them new ways to be evil and for us to fear them even more.

The way certain panels play out and display the wickedness these monsters are capable of, stands out the most and all I can say is, bravo, a job well done. Lia has done it again along with her artists and I think it is safe to say there is no hope for the human race. The issue leaves us with a cliffhanger where us the readers will definitely be demanding more from the creative team behind Vampire Guardian Angels. Beware more to come.

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