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Film Review: Debbie Rochon Confidential: My Years in Tromaville Exposed! (2011)


Debbie Rochon is not just a world famous Scream Queen but she is the Queen of Independent Cinema and has appeared in more films than all the Ellen Pages and Parker Poseys put together.  From her start as a Tromette along side Troma founder and creator of THE TOXIC AVENGER, Lloyd Kaufman, to her starring roles in some of Troma’s greatest films such as TROMEO & JULIET and TERROR FIRMER, Debbie Rochon has endeared herself to film fanatics around the world.  She also looks great naked!  Now for the first time Debbie and the Troma Team have compiled over two hours of Trom-mazing footage.  Including her sultry scenes in TROMEO & JULIET, her scantily clad TROMA CAFE footage, the breast-acular TROMA’S EDGE TV shorts and much, much more never “Scene” before footage.  Also included herein is a very special FANGORIA TRAILER PARK episode featuring Ms. Rochon.  In addition to being fascinating and inspiring, this DVD make jalapeno peppers seem like ice cream; IT IS THAT HOT



Debbie Rochon Confidential is a Troma Entertainment release that was created in 2006. It looks like it is either getting re-released or has finally seen the light with a 2011 release. None-the-less this 140 min film is a virtual tribute to Debbie Rochon’s work at Troma.

Part documentary, part biography, this film entertains with film moments, clips, interviews, movie segments, intros and whole smattering of Debbie’s work. Fan boys will be delighted as the release instantly opens up on topless Debbie who has no problem providing plenty of it. In fact, breast time gets a priority in this release from Debbie and a few others. 

The brunt of the work on here is found in those special DVD intros that Kaufman and Rochon spit out in what seems like improvised nonsense. They have a great repor almost more like brother and sister, though Debbie’s input is always given a highlight backed up by Troma weirdness usually going on into the background.

At times you might feel like you stumbled on to Troma’s own batch of home movies. You can tell they were having a blast making films, gag pieces and Troma humor items. Though let’s not forget that Debbie takes the stage here showing her versatility as an actress, as a vixen not to be messed with and as a Troma trooper who will do what it takes to make a great film.

Speaking of, they have included 2 hot scenes from Tromeo and Juliet, and Terror Firmer. You’ll see Debbie over the years whether sporting blond hair or brunette, it’s apparent that she is a force to keep your eyes on. This release which also even includes some fan boy interactions and tromadance event clips is work of passion that showcases one of Troma’s best discovered additions. Called the “Queen of independent cinema”, it’s no wonder with the impressive list of films she has under her name. A great piece of Troma focused material that as fun to watch as it is to see Debbie’s breasts.

Special bonus is a never before seen episode of trailer park that was to be featured on Fangoria TV and the inclusion of 2 short films: The Possessed and Mommy May I Sleep with Death.

Debbie Rochon Confidential: My Years in Tromaville Exposed!

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