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Book Review: The Handbook of Angels and Fallen Angels – Author Robert Curran

The Handbook of Angels and Fallen Angels: An Essential Guide to Angels and Demons and, More Importantly, How to Spot Them

As a new entry into the Barron’s Educational Series, author Dr. Robert Curran has taken on probably my favorite subject of the bunch. Namely angels, demons and everything in between. This small but mighty little book packs a punch with some pretty inquiring info. As we all know in some respect, there have been years of confusion on the whole theme of devils, angels, demons and associated players. At the helm in all cases is THE “GOD” or form of supreme being who oversees all. Though promoted by recent films, all is not good and dandy in the ranks of heaven. In fact, it’s more likely that a war is continuing even up to this day. We have heard about most of the arch angels who lead various ranks in heaven, We have certainly heard about Satan, previously Lucifer, previously Samuel who fell from grace.

What is most interesting are the details that the varied religions have outlined for us. We hear of ranks, of levels and those most closest to God. In fact it’s not those trusted arch angels at all but the cherubim and seraphim. These creatures who are interpreted in art as chubby little cute baby-like entities are also described as those to be feared guarding their god with careful diligence. The idea of good and evil certainly have a rather confused state when it comes to gods creatures. Man favored over angels cause jealousy in the heavens and from that come the wars. Powerful, beautiful and yet somewhat shunned even in their superior states, this is the tale of the angels. The offspring of angels called nephilim are described as giants who once walked the earth. This union of angels and female mortals angered God causing much stir within the angelic community. Even to this day, arch angels fued over either following the grace of their creator to assuming prominence in the order of god. This conflict is the root of this war, of whom Satan was among the first to fall.

Throughout the book, Curran has taken the time to detail the top 4 arch angels, the more noted angels, Satan of course and a few new ones we may have never heard of. Metatron……now where did he come from? This powerful being has escaped Christian reading but has shown origin in early Jewish scriptures. The book details early a ranking that is illustrated per early artists. This level of ranking is still a bit a mystery but has drawn conclusions from its illustrations. Then of course, we meet more noted angels like “Azrael” the famous angel of death. His grim reaper approach is fueled by his reaping of souls from this plane into the next.

If angels aren’t your thing, then maybe the minions under Satan will send a shiver or 2. Asmodeus, supposedly second in command to Satan rules over lesser demons and minions.

A fascinating read with equally impressive images through out to help illustrate the points. “The Handbook of Angels and Fallen Angels” is a recommended edition that stems from religion and folklore. Readers will be thrilled at the implications that arrive from, our literature and bibles rather than of fiction and mythology. Author Curran provides more proof as an expert researcher.

As per the product descriptions:

“What are angels? Are they loving, winged messengers of heaven, peaceful, caring beings spreading love? Or are they mighty warriors, fearsome and ferocious? Are they to be revered or simply feared?

From guardian angels and fallen angels to the Angel of Death, here you’ll find all manner of angels and discover their place in the heavenly host.

Learn the story of the attempt by Lucifer to seize God’s throne, and the subsequent War in Heaven; the ancient story of Tobit and the angel; plus contemporary tales of remarkable human encounters with angels.

Meet the archangels; Metatron, the highest ranking archangel; Michael, the warrior angel; Gabriel, the supreme messenger; Raphael, the great healer; and Uriel, the carrier of wisdom. With them, discover the cherubim and seraphim, who sit at the foot of God’s throne and are powerful protectors of the Lord.

All your angel questions will be answered–and all your fallen angel fears revealed.

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