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Film Review: It Waits (2005)


After a car accident claims the life of her best friend, Danny St. Claire (Cerina Vincent) escapes to the solitude of the woods, where she works as a forest ranger in an isolated outpost. Soon, her search for inner peace is interrupted by a flesh-eating demon that was awakened by a student archeological dig several months earlier. Pitted against the stalking creature, she struggles valiantly for her life, but “it” is patient. …


It Waits was a very drawn out movie to me. It just seemed to drag on pointlessly. It had Cerina Vincent from Cabin Fever in it as female park ranger Danielle who is alone at work in her tower getting sloshed because of a tragedy that she has recently been thru with her best friend Julie. Clips and flashes give you the general idea that it involved a car crash. As she keeps thinking about it more and more of the truth comes out and you finally know what really happened.

Well now a group of students break into a cave and release this mythical beast that is trudging thru the forest killing whatever it can get it’s big hands on. It’s very destructive yet has a playful nature where it wants to play games and scare you half to death before it actually rips you apart. Danielle is high up in her tower drunk and the only company she has is Julie’s African Grey parrot Hoppy who talks nonstop and was so damn cute.

Hoppy made the movie for me. They should of had more of him and less of her! The next day she wakes up and her boyfriend and co-worker Justin shows up to check on her. She won’t return any of his calls and he knows she is going thru a very rough time and doesn’t think she should be alone right now. So they chat and then have a hokey boring sex scene together and soon after the beast starts to warm up by playing with them.

It flies up on the roof landing loudly before making the alarm go off. Justin grabs a rifle and heads up there determined to blast it. It’s too late because it flew away after ripping out all of the wires up their that went to most of their ways of communication with the outside world. Daylight breaks and the pair head off into the woods to see what they can find. They come across Carl and Evelyn Nash who her boss told her has been missing for days and assumed to be already dead.

Carl asks them how to get back to where they started out and Justin warns them that they should all stick together because there is a pretty big animal- like possibly a bear that is out there causing a commotion. Carl says he could care less and they are out of there. A few minutes later he’ll wish he took Justin’s advice because now they are two more people on the kill que! You don’t get to see the creature much only in very subtle bursts until the last twenty minutes of the film.

When you finally get a look at it up close and personal I’ll admit it was pretty cool looking, I expected it to look a lot worse then it really did. It manages to kill Justin when he heads outside that night looking for it. So now it’s back to Danielle being alone again and fighting for her life. I kept worrying that poor Hoppy was going to end up like a chicken on a stick but thankfully that never happened. Danielle gets in touch with her boss and convinces him she needs his help stat.

The Boss heads up and you kind of get the feeling that he might end up being the knight in shining armor but nope, he gets torn up too! So now Danielle jumps in the jeep and high tails it down the path trying to escape this mythical creature. Will she make it out of the woods to live another day? Or will she become a pile of flesh laying on the side of the road? If she does escape what will happen to the creature? Can she destroy it or trap it so it can’t hurt anyone else?

They should of showed the beast more, they could of gotten away with it since he was cool looking. Maybe that would of made it a little better to watch, but I think they were going for the whole the less you see the better the build up would be!

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  1. Hi, it should be “They should have shown the beast more, they could have gotten away with it.”, not “They should of showed the beast more, they could of gotten away with it.”


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