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Handmade Horrors: Bazooka Jenn on Etsy

Hello Fiends! I know it’s been a while, but there’s only so many truly awesome horror themed sellers on Etsy, sometimes it takes a while for me to find the best of the best. Maybe I’m biased because Jenn is my friend, neighbor, and fellow member of April’s Army – but rest assured, her stuff is quality and I know you will be drooling over her swag!

The Omen Inspired Vinyl Record Wall Clock

I asked Jenn a few questions about her love of horror and how it inspires her creativity…

Hey Jenn! So tell our readers a little bit about your horror fandom…. What are some of your favorite horror flicks?
Well I’ve always been a really big fan of horror movies. I grew up in the 80s & 90s, so most of my favorites are from that period. Here’s a few, for example….Witchboard, Demons, Return of the Living Dead, Night of the Demons….These all scared me as a child, but I couldn’t get enough.

I’d have to say that probably my all time favorite is Night Of The Living Dead.

It seems obvious, but tell us a bit about your shop, how did you come to the decision to make horror themed items and bring them to Etsy?

Well, I like to be crafty while watching horror moves, so I made myself something one day that fit my personality and thought “I should totally sell this!” It was my Zombies! necklace.

Zombies! Necklace

Do you have any favorite horror items on Etsy that you’d like to share?

Um, probably my Zombies! necklace. It started this whole thing.

What’s in the future for your crafty business? I know you also donate items to the April’s Army charity, which is awesome…. Do you have something lined up for this month’s charity event?

More record clocks. Paintings, greeting cards, and some horror themed decorative nightlights (not the kind you just plug into the wall).

As for the charity event, I’m still figuring that out. Any suggestions?
Thanks for answering my questions, Jenn! I hope you gain loads of new fans and customers!

Night Of The Creeps Movie Poster Lightswitch Cover

For those of you in the Dallas TX area, you can check out Jenn’s work in the flesh at  “Tales of the Cursed” An Elm St. Burlesque Experience on May 14th starting at 9PM!

Also check out Bazooka Jenn’s Craft Attack! on Facebook

Michelle Morbid!


  1. It is beyond AWESOME to see AA team members on a Horror blog. Michelle, you rock and Jenn, I hope this brings you tons of new visitors, buyers and a whole lot of fun.

  2. This is amazing to see a fellow horror lover and AA team member on here. This is awesome and I own the zombie keychain myself get one you will love its BRAIINNNNSSS out.

  3. So nice to see zombies and someone who ♥’s them getting some pimping! This is a great site!


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