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Film Review: Housewives From Another World (2010)


When space aliens invade the bodies of three beautiful women, they soon learn the meaning of “hot to trot” in Housewives From Another World, beaming onto DVD April 6 from Infinity Entertainment Group.

On a mission to stop the development of a new deep-space satellite, the body-snatched beauties will do anything – and anyone – to accomplish their goals. “Take me to your leader” takes on a whole new meaning!

Starring 2007’s Penthouse Pet of the Year Heather Vandeven and the smoking hot Christine Nguyen and Rebecca Love.

Housewives From Another World is presented in anamorphic widescreen with an aspect ratio of 16 x 9 and Dolby Digital. Includes original trailers.


Well its not p*rno, but its damn near close…. Housewives From Another World, throws in a bit of sci fi to mix it up a bit, but make no mistake…. each scene is designed to get you from one seduction, love making feast to the other. In fact it only takes 2 minutes to get into 2 sexed up bodies going at it with the fury of dogs in heat. If your like me, your probably spending alot of time analyzing if there is any penetration that didn’t get shadowed out as all the couples going at it seem to be enjoying themselves pretty well.

Before you get too involved, note that these films are really intended to be erotic sex films that are blanketed over in a sort of sci fi packaging. I don’t imagine most will rent of buy this with the sole intention of focusing on the storyline, as that seemed to be unnecessary in the scheme of things.

The only sci fi in this film is the fact that the lead, Heather Vandeven finds a glowing rock that landed out in her yard. This rock that she wears as a necklace sort of possesses her with the soul of an alien race that doesn’t want her husband to complete his satellite project. As she carries forward with her plan, her possessed body becomes focused on as much body pleasure as possible.

This is also shared with all the female actresses in the film who she gives a piece of the rock as necklaces so they “too” can be possessed by aliens.

The 3 lead ladies are penthouse Heather Vandeven, Christine Nguyen and Rebecca Love. Now before you get all excited that you get to cross genres, don’t. Each scene is purely set up for another act of lovemaking. And pretty much every one ends up having sex with each other with the exception of the 2 male leads…who I’m glad were kept from having any gay sex.

I will say though that the scenes are as hot as they come without really showing the p*rn close ups. It becomes a bit hysterical after a while with every one sexing up every one else. Beneath all this oral sex, kitchen sex and couch sex lies the subplot of these aliens protecting their race.

There is a slight bit of FBI finagling and some espionage but does it really matter? Heather Vandeven is the hottest of the bunch and performs an even hotter shower scene by herself.

There is no too much more to tell, no horror, a little suggested sci fi and sex every 5 or 10 minutes.

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