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Film Review: Coeds VS Zombie Housewives (2015)

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Efforts to develop a new sexual enhancement formula go terribly wrong when the beautiful test subjects lapse into a trance-like state. With the Zombie Housewives wandering the neighborhood no one is safe until a trio of College Cheer Leaders rush in to save the day in this outrageous erotic comedy from the creator of Bikini Avengers.


Well after the first 20 minutes or so of this film I have yet to encounter anything horror themed, however there is plenty of sex, boobies and nudity which some will find very entertaining I am sure, hey fellas! This leaves me in a bit of a jam though as I am unsure as to whether to categorise this movie as a horror-comedy or a really bad b grade p*rno!

College-Coeds-vs-Zombie-Housewives-2015-movie-Dean-McKendrick-(7) College-Coeds-vs-Zombie-Housewives-2015-movie-Dean-McKendrick-(1)

The acting throughout is pretty dismal, but that does add to the humour content and is definitely a contributor for a for a giggle.

The story as I interpret it, is about a group of lusty scientists, a man in particular named Gary, who is trying his very hardest to create some kind of formula called RDU47 to enhance sexual appetite because his misses just is not interested in the absolute slightest. Unfortunately he has not realized that his wife is a cheater, cheater, cheater!

After what he believes to be a successful testing of the newly developed formula in the lab on one of his fellow female lab partners and another b grade sex scene, Gary the scientist decides to take his magic formula home to good old wifey and spike not only her drink BUT also her best friends drink. Insert cheesy lesbian scene here.

After spiking the ladies drinks and poor old Gary still not being able to score any action even with the help of his formula and the ladies getting their rocks off with one another..OH NO! There has been a discovery of side effects in the form of the induction of a trance like state. So they go and play a game of tennis anyway. Once again, insert another cheesy lesbian scene here. Can you see why I am unsure of which category this movie belongs in? Although I must admit, by this point I am leaning toward more of the nasty, crappy P*rno category. The look on my husbands face as I look across the lounge room at him though says that he may beg to differ! Which is good for a laugh in it self.

College-Coeds-vs-Zombie-Housewives-2015-movie-Dean-McKendrick-(3) College-Coeds-vs-Zombie-Housewives-2015-movie-Dean-McKendrick-(4)

That trance like state that I referenced before is now discovered as the transition into what could very loosely be called ‘zombie’ mania! With crazy horny zombie rabbits and monkeys all around the testing lab they begin working on an antidote! But for now the antidote is not important because now there is another sex scene of Gary the scientists best mate getting busy with not 1, not 2 but 3 cheerleaders who just happen to live next door! Poor old Gary really is having a hard time getting some action, even his best mate is doing better than him without the use of the formula.

Good old Gary and his wife decide to throw a dinner party with Hank and his wife who are the best friends of Gary and his wife. The lusty lab assistant Marilyn, decided to drop around to discuss the side effects. Maybe Gary thought this dinner party might be his golden window of opportunity to score some action…but no.

Unfortunately for Gary, he still can’t get no satisfaction! You guessed it, insert another lesbian scene here.

College-Coeds-vs-Zombie-Housewives-2015-movie-Dean-McKendrick-(5) College-Coeds-vs-Zombie-Housewives-2015-movie-Dean-McKendrick-(6)

Before too long there are tranced zombie women, minus the typical zombie appearance, knocking on Gary’s door for ALL the wrong reasons. The zombie wives go and pay a visit next door to the cheerleaders and after a brief fighting scene with pool noodles, good old Gary shows up to save the day! Gary administers the antidote and saves his wife’s life… only to have her take off with Hank the former best mate. But that’s ok with Gary because he FINALLY gets a bit of action from one of the cheerleaders next door. Gary still did not learn his lesson because he developed yet another formula and decided to take it with no testing what so ever.

When will Gary ever learn!?

I would like to say that I liked the movie, but it would just be a lie. No guts, no blood, no flesh eating zombies, no horror. How this is considered a horror or zombie flick is beyond me. I did however get 1 or 2 laughs from it.

SO, I will give 1 star for each giggle I had. Out of 10, 10 being amazingly brilliant I will give 2/10 stars.


  1. Lenny Porterfield

    Only 2 stars? For a soft core I felt this was a pretty solid film. I mean you have to take it for what it’ s worth. Personally I am not a bug fan of the genre but I watch anything that Andy Espinoza Long is in I am a fan of his work. He was hilarious in this I thought and his scenes kinda steal the show.
    It’s pretty goofy but the girls are cute and the movie moves fast, would have been better if he were the lead tho. Thanks for your review tho!

    • Stephanie Gilas

      I have to agree. I got this DVD in the mail well, cuz I like this sort of thing. My guilty pleasure. I’ve watched quite a few of these and I have to say that this was my favorite in a long time. The girls are very beautiful & soft core has been missing a leading man in it’s genre. Maybe Mr. Long is it =)


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