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Film Review: Shiver (2008)

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When a sunlight-phobic teen (Junio Valverde) moves to a remote mountain town — coinciding with a series of mass killings — everyone naturally suspects the strange newcomer. But the forest holds a spine-tingling secret that explains everything. Academy Award-winning production designer Pilar Revuelta (Pan’s Labyrinth) applies her artistic eye to this atmospheric Spanish-language horror film that premiered at the Berlin Film Festival in 2008.


I had high hopes for this film. Though in the end, it really didn’t do much to keep my attention. I know Dark Sky was probably hoping for another score like “Them”, but Shiver just didn’t cut I for me. Shall I go on? – Well ok if you insist…Now before you get started, note that they did include a English overdub audio track if yoiu dont feellike reading. I didnt feel like reading, so point scored there.

Our story begins with a boy who suffers from a rare skin disorder that prevents him from being in the sun for too long. This disorder which resembles that of a vampiric state due to the side effect of elongated canines is actually a disese which if not treated can prove to be fatal. With little hope, the boy and his mother relocate to the Laplands. This is an area of the world where the sun shines less year round providing a suitable place for the boy to heal and better adapt with his condition. The area is but a small village with a more primitive existance.

Though it is the ideal place for a person of this ailment, he soon finds that other things lurk within the dark. As they take residence the boy is met with backlash from the community. As a stranger and being near the scene of 2 undetermined crimes, the boy becomes a suspect even when evidence suggest other. Of course you can’t blame them. A stranger shows up in town with fangs and a problem with sunlight….well I’d be suspicious too. Turns out in the dark forest a troll looking gal lurks around slitting victims throats with her long nails to feed on them (Or so it appears) Anyone remember “Chaka” from land of the lost? She also has a nasty habit of severing there achilles heels

The film progresses into more of a mystery, with some slight chills here and there as the boy confronts the wandering wild child. At this point though I was getting pretty bored and could see that they were going to give a whole back story to bring this story full circle with a heartfelt resolution.

A little bait and switch, a few more killings, and the joining of friends to do some Nancy Drew mystery solving. With a title like Shiver, I suppose I was expecting a high delivery of chill and suspense. That delivery never really arrived, and I was already anticipating the end credits so I could watch something else. This movie is best served to casual horror fans who think films like the remake of “The Fog” was on the edge (pun intended). Though for us thrill seekers you might want to turn your interests to Midnight Meat Train and forgo this somewhat of a bore of a film.

No damage to the actors involved, I just thought the story was…eehhh. Shiver I’m afraid only sends a itch down my back more than anything else, nice production, professionally done but fell on the weak interest end for me.

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