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Good Looking Poster For THE INNKEEPERS

Don’t know what you all think of the films if Ti West but for me I always find his work interesting and like it or not his work always makes you want to stop and take notice. He’s got a new one coming out, it’s called THE INNKEEPERS and it’s got itself one really nice looking one sheet.

This is the second home run poster for a Ti West film. Remember that really great retro poster for HOUSE OF THE DEVIL. I think this one for THE INNKEEPERS is every bit as cool, maybe even a little cooler. THE INNKEEPERS is described as a supernatural thriller inspired by Ti’s stay in an Connecticut Inn while filming HOUSE OF THE DEVIL.

This poster was created for the much anticipated screening of the film at the SXSW festival. As soon as there are any release details I’ll make sure to get the info in your hands.

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