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Top 10 Horror Films to watch on Valentines Day

Most horror films are all about killing and torturing, but there are some that even though they have some deaths in it, also have a lot of love. So below I bring you my list of ten films to cuddle up with your significant other, or your favorite blanket, and watch the love and blood pour out.

Friday the 13th (2009)
This remake-film came out the day before Valentines day in 2009 so it’s a great film to curl up and watch on the national day of love.

What can be better than hiding behind your boyfriend or girlfriend as Jason comes after couples having sex at Crystal Lake. And if remakes aren’t your thing, then go ahead and watch the original Friday the 13th and see Mrs. Voorhees do all the killing. Any excuse to hold tightly onto someone you love is a good excuse and there is no better movie to do that with than Friday the 13th, original or remake.

Let the Right One In
– This Swedish Vampire film is all about young love. This film won’t leave you clinging onto your loved one in terror, but instead will leave you saying “Awwww” as you follow the developing relationship between a school boy and a young vampire.

This romantic horror film will only leave you wanting more and that more will be satisfied on October 1 2010 when an American remake of this movie, Let Me In, is released.

My Bloody Valentine 3D
– Sit back with your loved one and get ready to be rocked! In 3D! This film is a must for Valentines Day because it’s about a miner who comes out of a coma on Valentines Day and goes on a killing rampage. This movie is good on its own, but add the combination of 3D and Valentines Day and it’s sure to be a great one to snuggle up with that special someone.

Zombie Honeymoon
– This film is all about love. It is basically about a couple on their honeymoon and the husband becomes a zombie. But the wife loves her husband so much, regardless that he is a zombie, that she helps him find people to eat, including their closest friends. What says “I Love You” more than helping your zombie husband find fresh humans to eat? That’s true love right there.

Deadly Friend
– We all know the stories of what happens when nerds fall in love. Well in Deadly Friend a nerd named Paul builds a robot named BB and then meets a girl named Samantha. But this is not where this love story ends. Paul and Samantha have a growing relationship, flirting with each other and really starting to fall in love. But then, the unthinkable happens and Samantha is beaten by her father. Samantha is not going live, but Paul has the great idea to keep Samantha alive by replacing her brain with BB’s electronic brain. I don’t think anything shows love more than keeping your girlfriend alive by giving her an electronic brain and watching her go on a killing spree.

Highway to Hell
– Add a little comedy/horror to your Valentines Day by watching a film about a couple, Rachel and Charlie, that run away and elope in Vegas. But along the way Rachel is kidnapped and dragged into Hell. Charlie then acquires a special shotgun in order to shoot his way through Hell and save Rachel. This film really shows you how far someone will go to save a loved one. So before you watch this movie be ready to answer this question from your significant other, “If I was captured by the Hellcop and taken to Hell would you find a special shotgun and come save me?”

– This is another horror/slasher film based on the Hallmark holiday Valentines Day. But unlike the other Valentines Day films, this villain kills his victims with a bow and arrow. This is definitely a horror movie that will keep you from opening up your next Valentines Day cards in fear that you will die if you open it. So sit down on the couch, hold your boyfriend or girlfriend and watch the arrows fly in this semi-romantic slasher film.

Sleepaway Camp
– This film is pretty complicated when trying to figure out who is dating whom. All throughout this epic slasher film the characters are hooking up with one another every night. But it is because of these random hook ups that make this horror film good. With every hookup comes a death so this would be the perfect film to watch with the one you love to get a good statement out, “ see honey, if you sleep with random girls while dating one girl, someone will kill you.” But this film really adds to the romance when you get to the end. I wont spoil it for you but it will definitely be a mood killer.

– Everyone loves to get candy on Valentines Day right? Well what about a box of razor blades or a bad full of needles? This film will be one that leaves both you and your significant other holding each other in fear. It will also make you think twice before opening up a box of chocolates.

– Ok, I had to put one movie in here for all you singles out there. This movie is perfect if your single on Valentines Day because what could be better than watching a hot chick kill aliens all day? You can watch Sigourney Weaver and then picture your perfect girl, one that is hot and knows how to handle a gun (pun intended). This film is also great because you can kill a whole day by watching the entire franchise from Alien to Alien vs Predator: Requiem.

Well, that was my list of films that I know I will be watching this Valentines Day. But if you have any other V-Day gems, be sure to post them in the comments below so others can share the wealth this Valentines Day.

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