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Film Review: Aliens, Abductions & Extraordinary Sightings (6 DVD set)



The most amazing encounters of alien abductions, UFO visitations and government cover-ups are explored in this out-of-this-world documentary collection! With dozens of interviews with renowned researchers and experts from across the globe, discover the secrets of all ages and enter a domain where strange is normal!

What do they want? Where are they from? These questions and more are finally answered. Hear about first hand accounts from leading experts covering mass sightings, alien abductions, government cover-ups and the latest evidence on extraterrestrial contact. Learn the shocking truth behind U.S. government experiments involving invisibility, time travel and mind control. From dramatic recreations to exclusive interviews, watch as bizarre and incredible events are depicted and explained by experts and actual alien contactees…..we are NOT alone.

Featuring such topics as:
Paranormal Activity
Alien-UFO Abductions
Ancient Archeology
Government & Military Cover-ups


While the set does specify that it features 6 DVD’s which total to over 12 hours of material, it probably needs to be said exactly what you are getting. I consider this both a pro and a con depending on who you are and what your expectations are. The documentaries themselves are dated and obviously from quite a few years back (per the somewhat cheesy use of computer graphics used). In fact on each disc, the first titles are usually seminars which aren’t really documentaries. The segments feature various talents or experts who talk a bit about their work or discoveries in regards to alien technology and such. Fro consumers, this will obviously bore you to death. For researchers and hard core enthusiasts this might be a bonus as it details more in depth information than a sensationalistic documentary might give. Certainly the information is interesting, but is also deep and lethargic. One speaker talks about his work in removing alien artifacts from patients…mainly small metal pieces of tiny metal. While this interesting, its till can be boring to listen to.

One of the bonuses for me was the piece detailing the Philadelphia experiment. Now of course most viewers know that this was not a alien related subject, though its still fringe science and still  is pretty darn weird stuff. They also detail the Montauk experiments which were directly related to the PE. We are joined into a room of scholars (I assume) as they sit and listen to engineers talk about some pretty advanced stuff. Now,. alot of this is engineer speak which kind of falls into he sounding Greek category however , it does serve a purpose here, maybe just not the one you signed onto.

From the cover art, you would most likely expect some pretty hip – “here’s what’s happening” documentaries about all the latest UFO research. That’s not really what you end up with. I wont say that the content doesn’t provide interest in this subject matter , I’ll just say that it’s not your usual A&E or History channel level stuff. If that all sounds good, it’s still a pretty cheap price for alot of content. Priced at $9.98 retail and probably half that at Walmart, your not going to feel cheated for the amount of product you get.

UFO enthusiasts, the ones who live and breath this stuff will welcome the addition, consumers who want to entertain your relatives with some new disks better bring some pillows.

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